OJ: Made in America



The ESPN documentary on the life and times of OJ Simpsons is more than just the story of football star.

I had missed the original play of the first part of OJ: Made in America, shown on ABC this past weekend, but I have caught the replay on ESPN tonight, prior to part two.

It was remarkably compelling.

There was so much more than just the story of OJ Simpson.  This was a story about race relations.  The story about white vs. black.  The story about how a celebrity reached for what he wanted, and how that celebrity fell beneath the weight of that star.

The documentary started off with an image of an imprisoned OJ talking about his daily routines.  This was a stark reminder of how far the mighty football star who initially exceeded the barriers of race. As OJ said, “I’m not black, I’m OJ.”  He became a hero to all.

This first part of the five part documentary was great.  I am very exciting about the remainder of this series.

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