Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

If you are a dedicated fan of the original TMNT cartoon and characters or if you are eight years old, you might enjoy this sequel to the 2014 rebooted franchise.
Otherwise, this sucked.
We find ourselves back in New York City with the Turtles hiding in the sewers, doing what they can to help at night. They are afraid that the public could not handle knowing the existence of giant, monster-like turtles, and, to protect society from that fear, the turtles stay in the shadows. Meanwhile, scientific idiot Baxter Stockman (Tyler Perry) is putting together a plan to break out Shredder (Brian Tee) from captivity. The plot is needlessly complicated and ends up, somehow, involving one of the TMNT’s biggest villains, Krang.
Let’s talk Krang for a minute. There was a lot of excitement among Turtle fans when it was revealed that Krang would appear in this new film. I am sure they are all disappointed because Krang is worthless in this film. He is nothing more than a brain sticking out of a giant robot. There is not one ounce of set up or reason for Krang to be involved. He appears from out of nowhere. He is ridiculous looking. Raphael called him Bubblicious at one point in the movie, and that was a perfect description of what he looked like…a giant wad of chewed, pink bubble gum. I can’t imagine anyone would enjoy the use of this character.
Add to it that Krang really takes away from Shredder and his viability in TMNT: Out of the Shadows. Shredder becomes an afterthought once again.
Casey Jones also arrives here, only to be wasted. Stephen Amell played the hockey stick carrying vigilante, but he really does nothing important. He just seemed to be there to have someone standing beside April O’Neil (Megan Fox) who is as attractive as she is. Plus, he only appears once in the whole film with the iconic hockey mask. This was not the proper use of the character.
There was very little that was done well here. I found myself bored in the first five minutes and it never recovered. I was not a fan of the 2014 reboot of this franchise, and this film actually took a step back.
Now, there may be some things that a more well versed fan of the TMNT franchise than I am may find entertaining. I will admit that the Turtles themselves are done pretty well as characters. However, the angst among the team of heroes in a half shell seemed to be overcome pretty quickly.
The ending battle was very reminiscent of The Avengers, with a portal open in the skies above the city, and our heroes needing to stop the villains evil plot. The action here was not like The Avengers. This one was dull and uninspired.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows tried to address some of the fans’ wishes (Shredder is not a giant robot, BeBop and Rocksteady etc) but most of the time, they failed with the execution of the wishes. This was not a good time at the movies.

1.25 stars

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