The Shallows

A killer shark has returned to the big screen with the new film The Shallows, swimming into theaters this weekend.  There have been a ton of big screen killer shark films, done to perfection with Steven Spielberg’s 1975 Jaws.  The Shallows is not Jaws, but there are plenty of good thrills and tension to make this film worth a view.

After the death of her mother, Nancy (Blake Lively) went on a personal trek to find a special hidden Mexican beach that her mother had found while pregnant with Nancy.  Nancy wants to escape the pain of her life and do some surfing.  However, she is attacked by a shark and becomes stranded on a rock just off the coast of the beach.  She attempts to survive against this vicious beast.

The film is beautifully shot.  The water around these islands is astonishingly beautiful, full of amazing colors and shades of blue.  No matter what else, this film is wonderful to watch.

Blake Lively is also as beautiful as the surroundings.  Blake Lively is a gorgeous woman, and she fills the screen with her beauty.  She is also very strong in this film.  She has a compelling background that we get a flavor of and she portrays her pain and her fear.  She is also very believable as a determined fighter not willing to give up despite the overwhelming odds.

The shark was very scary.  The CGI of the shark really stood out to me as this creature looked awesome.

I enjoyed much of this film, but there were some problems.  In particular, the ending (which I will not spoil) just seemed pretty dopey.  In fact, it was almost unintentionally funny, which kind of spoiled a lot of the stress and suspense that had built up throughout the film.

Of course, there is required suspension of disbelief to make this believable and, at times, it might need to be stretched too far.

And there was a beginning surfing montage that was ok for a bit, but got long pretty quickly.

In the end, I was entertained by The Shallows and I found it suspenseful where they wanted the suspense to be.  The ending was too laughable and made the previous parts less effective.  If you approach this film with the proper mental preparation, you should enjoy our new deadly shark.

3.75 stars

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