Old Man Geek’s Week in Review

Week ending July 10





I’m goin’, I’m goin’

Welcome to my Week in Review.  I am Old Man Geek and this is what has happened for the week ending July 10th.

Couldn’t get to sleep on Monday night.  There were explosions in the sky over an over.  And the neighbors kept running around with those little fiery stick things.  Always on my lawn.  I mean… can’t they walk around my house instead of tromping their little feet right through it?

Yeah, I know it was the Fourth of July, but I still need my beauty sleep, and who knows how many times I need to get up during the night.

Celebrated the 4th by goin’ to see Independence Day: Resurgence again.  It still sucked!

It rained Wednesday.

Hmmmm… what do you mean, you don’t care about the weather?  *gives a raspberry*

Then, went to Swiss Army Man.  I do love me some fart jokes!  And, boy howdy, were there a ton of fart jokes here.  That dead Harry Potter guy… he did a good job.  Not sure how he got his boner to point like he did.  Wires?  Puppets?  I sure as heck don’t want that job on the movie set.  I was confused by the ending.  Those movie people sometimes don’t tell you what’s goin’ on in the film…they just expect you to figure it out fer yourself.  As if I can stay awake for the whole film!  Heck, if it weren’t for all the flatulence wakin’ me up, I would’ve snoozed through a chunk of the film.

Kevin Durant deserted those OK Staters and headed out West as fast as his giant feet could carry him, signing with Golden State for a lot of moolah.  I miss the days of Wilt Chamberlain in the NBA.

There were two police shootings and then a sniper fired upon police this week.  No joke for this.  We need to address these issues ASAP.  Life is too short.

Gettin’ ready to watch Family Feud with Snoop Dogg.  I love Snoop Dogg.  I especially love when he fights the Red Baron on the back of his doghouse.  How does he get that thing to fly that high?

See you next week, God willin’

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