Old Man Geek Week in Review

For the week ending July 16



Why are you here?

I ain’t got time for no week in review!

I’m too busy trying to catch all these dang Pokemon things.  How does this work again?


All day long… nothing but the servers are down.  How can they expect me to catch a Meowth when there blasted servers are down all the time.  They already expect me to get out of my chair to play the dang game.

What?  What do you mean hackers?  Do you mean like that I, Robot guy?  Elliot?  Doesn’t he have more important things to worry about than depriving an old man of his Pokemon?

What?  Oh…Mr. Robot.  Whatever.  Potatoes…Potatoes.

Right…Elliot got an Emmy nomination this week.  I heard that.  It’s those bulging eyes.  Makes him sympathetic.  Now… Frank Underwood.  Now there is a guy who should win an Emmy.  Hell, he should be Trump’s vice president.  Trump-Underwood… that would be a ticket I’d vote for.

Huh?  Underwood’s a Democrat?  That’s fine… put him with Hillary.  Clinton-Underwood works for me too.

Why doesn’t this damn app work?

Ah… I’ll just go back to Candy Crush.


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