True Crime


I have always enjoyed the mysteries of true crime.  In particular, I have enjoyed the unsolved crimes.  I used to enjoy “Unsolved Mysteries” on NBC.  One of my favorite books was “The Dairy of Jack the Ripper.”  I loved the HBO series The Jinx and the movie documentary The Imposter.

I am fascinated by the mystery of the cases.  The mysterious deaths of Bob Crane, who played Col. Hogan on Hogan’s Heroes, and George Reeves, who played Superman, are intriguing.

The last few years have had a ton of these stories.  I am watching the History Channel’s series D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?  It was a two part, four hour total documentary focusing on the mystery of what happened to a man who stole $200,000 dollars in 1971, hijacked an airplane and jumped from the plane, never to be seen again.  It was a story that I had a passing knowledge of, but had never really deep desire to find out more.  This documentary was very compelling and grabbed my attention.

Of course, this year has been the year of O.J. Simpson.  With the brilliant People vs. O.J Simpson from FX’s American Crime Story and the remarkable documentary on ESPN called OJ: Made in America, this case has been brought the spotlight back into the world’s attention and refocused onto “The Juice” and the case of the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

One of my favorite books is “Mindhunter” written by former FBI profiler John Douglas. Douglas would profile tons of cases and give an insight into the mind of these killers and rapists.  One of the most astounding things about Douglas was how much it took on him as an individual by putting himself into the mind of these sick and evil people.  It is also pretty impressive how these profilers can look at a crime scene and know so much about the perpetrator.

Jack the Ripper and The Zodiac Killer are personal “favorites” of mine.  I have always found serial killers to be fascinating, and these two are the top of the list, probably because they were never caught.  I have my own theories of who they were, and I have read several books on both of them.  They feel more like super villains than serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy or Ted Bundy.

I teach a lot of Edgar Allan Poe in my class.  His mysterious cause of death is one of the more interesting aspect of this famous author.  We do not know how he died.  Alcohol poisoning?  Rabies?  Brain Tumor?  Cooping?  Murdered?  There are so many possible solutions and we will never know.  That mystery makes me, as a writer, want to figure it out.

When I was a child, I would watch the TV show In Search Of… which was narrated by Leonard Nemoy.  This was a great show that really inspired by curious nature.  These mysteries helped mold me into the person I am.  I am always fascinated by these unsolved mysteries and I love the opportunity to try and figure out what had happened.

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