Thursday & Friday SDCC

This time of the year is nirvana for Geek culture as the annual San Diego Comic Con is well underway.  And the companies and creators save their most squeal-inducing reveals for this convention.  This is the highlights from the first two days of the EYG Hall of Fame member, San Diego Comic Con.

The Walking Dead

Showed a trailer for Season 7

In the trailer, we get our first look at the new character King Ezekiel (played by newcomer Khary Payton) and his pet tiger Shiva.



There was a ton of news coming from the Netflix-Marvel pairing including new trailers from Luke Cage (debuting on Netflix on Sept. 30), Iron Fist, and a teaser trailer of The Defenders.




They also confirmed that there would be a Daredevil season three on Netflix and they had Frank Castle himself, Jon Bernthal, stop by the Luke Cage panel as a surprise.

Jon Bernthal and Jeph Loeb at SDCC.  Photo from

Marvel had more news though.  They confirmed that, in Agents of SHIELD season 4, we would see Ghost Rider.  This version of the Spirit of Vengeance would be played by Gabriel Luna (True Detective, Matador) and would be Robbie Reyes, the most recent version of the Ghost Rider.  They also unveiled the Ghost Rider’s car (the honors going to car enthusiast Clark Gregg).


SDCC 2016 Ghost Rider Car Agents of SHIELD Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.s Ghost Rider Car Unveiled by Cast


DC Comics

Although we did not get much DC news on the first two days of SDCC (there should be a ton on Saturday when the WB panel takes place) there were some special nuggets.  First Wonder Woman’s first movie poster was released and it is spectacular.


The R-rated animated adaption of Batman; The Killing Joke debuted at SDCC.  The film is set for a special two-night Fathom Event release on July 25th and 26th in select theaters around the nation.

Injustice 2, the new video game featuring Wonder Woman and Blue Beetle, released a trailer for the game scheduled for release in 2017.

Other Television News

Rihanna was cast in Bates Motel’s fifth and final season as the iconic character Marion Crane.  Crane is the character that dies at Norman Bates’ hand in the shower scene in the original Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho.  Marion was originally played by Janet Leigh.

Mr. Robot held a special panel at SDCC and they had to be very cautious with what they revealed.  Mr. Robot star Rami Malek did specifically call out season 2’s episode number 10 as a major episode that will make huge development plot-wise.

Friday night’s Preacher panel was two-hours long, which allowed the cast to do a live script reading for the penultimate episode of the AMC series, to be seen on July 24.

Not The Woods….

For horror fans, there was a surprise announcement from Lionsgate that the upcoming movie “The Woods” by Adam Wingard was, in reality, a secret sequel to The Blair Witch Project and would from now on be entitled “Blair Witch.”  This surprise caught everyone off guard as the film is due out September 16th.



Entertainment Tonight’s website has a great gallery of images from SDCC of the best cosplay outfits.  This includes cosplays of Harly Quinn from Suicide Squad, Rick from The Walking Dead (with zombie and Judith), and Vulture.

John Barrowman (Arrow) cosplayed at SDCC as Squirrel Girl among many others… while he was hosting the Eisner Awards.


Eisner Awards

The Eisner Awards were once again given out Friday night at SDCC.  The Eisner Awards are named after EYG Hall of Famer Will Eisner and are given to the best in comic books from the past year.  The list of winners can be found here.


Hasbro revealed several new Marvel figures, including the first ever Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel figure.  We also saw a Benedict Cumberbatch Dr. Strange.  There was also a replica Captain America shield.

 Screen Junkies

The Screen Junkies had several panels with great guests, but they also had several live movie fights judged by Kevin Smith and Max Landis.


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