Old Man Geek’s Week in Review

Week ending July 31


Yeah…yeah… I know I’m late with the review this week but I got my reasons.  One big, swollen and black and blue reason in particular.

Friday I went out and wound up slipping and severely spraining my left ankle.  I don’t wanna tell ya how it came about, but I will say that Pokemon Go MAY have had something to do with it.

Now, I live in a basement…shut up… I know it is a stereotype.. I ain’t stupid.  Anyway, I got back from the hospital on Friday (by the way, the people at the hospital were really great to this old geek) and I made my way down the stairs.

The stairs are hard on me anyway…but this was even worse.  So, I planned on staying here until I was healed.

And the days passed…and passed…and passed.

It is now Tuesday, and I have not exited the confines of my Geek cave yet.

I am starting to believe the sky of this world consists of white tiles.. the grass is a a short, brown carpet and that the weather never changes.

Good thing I ain’t claustrophobic.

However, there has been some upside to my underground isolation.

1.  People don’t complain to me when I nap at all hours a day (really not a difference from my normal life)

2.  I can see what it will be like in my bunker for the arrival of the zombie apocalypse.

3.  I could binge the whole series of Preacher before the season finale.  I didn’t get that finale though.  Strange show.  Anyone explain it to me?

4.  I could listen to every inane word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth.  There aren’t writers on sitcoms in Hollywood that write funnier stuff than what that nutjob says. Trevor Noah called Trump “the fifth horseman of the Apocalypse” which I found funny, but then Samantha Bee called him “America’s burst appendix,” and I almost sprayed my drink all over the computer screen.

5.  I missed Jason Bourne.

As of today, my ankle has shown some improvements and I am sure that I will be able to tell when the weather changes (just like that damn right knee of mine.  Jeez, when the temperature drops 5 degrees, that baby is singing.)  Still, I am looking forward to getting out of my basement soon.

So…what does FOX News have to say….


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