I came across this Netflix original as I was perusing what Netflix had to offer. I had a couple of few hours and I found this.  The explanation on the queue looked interesting so I gave it a try.

Rebirth is the story of Kyle (Fran Katz), a man who had a nowhere job and a marriage that he was feeling lost in.  Then, an old friend Zack (Adam Goldberg) arrived and offered him a weekend trip to a place called rebirth.  Though Kyle was not convinced at first, he decided he would take his friend up on his offer.  The trip started off with a lot of confusion for him, but it soon became more than that.

I will say that I think the concept of Rebirth was an interesting one.  There were some really original and weirdly trippy things happening in the movie and you kept waiting for the shoe to drop.  Kyle went from one abusive situation to another in Rebirth just looking for someone to explain to him what was going on.

Though the story itself was refreshingly original, there were other problems with the film.  First, the tone seemed to be all over the place.  It was as if the film was being a thriller, a comedy and a horror movie.  At times, the change in tone was jarring.

Another issue was the performance by Fran Katz as Kyle.  Kyle spent the whole time in Rebirth just screaming at the top of his lungs.  There really needed a more layered performance which would have balanced out the character of Kyle.

While I was engaged with the plot, I was not happy with the ending of the film.  I found this very unsatisfying and not worthy of the intriguing premise the film put forward.

This is one of those films that feels like it could benefit from a few rewrites and some adjustment to where the story goes.  There are some good ideas here, but the overall execution of the film left a lot to be desired.  If you have a few hours to kill some day while you’re looking around Netflix, this one would be okay, but you could probably do much better.

2.3 stars

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