Sausage Party

It shouldn’t take you too long to realize that you shouldn’t have brought the kids to this animated feature, parents.  The “F”-bombs and raunchy sexual references (not even innuendo) fly fast and furious in this new Rated R comedy from Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg.

The movie shows how the food from the supermarket was alive and who are hoping to be picked by the human/”GOD” and taken to the Great Beyond.  Yes, there is a definite religious feel to that.  However, we find out that the food does not know that once they leave the supermarket, they are to be consumed by their Gods.

Frank (Seth Rogan) is a sausage (really more of a hot dog) who is hoping to be chosen with his sausage mates for the 4th of July holiday.  Then, he hoped that his girlfriend, Brenda the bun (Kristen Wiig) would be chosen as well so that once they arrive in the Great Beyond, the could have sex.

Frank and Brenda wind up out of their packages and running around the store with other racially motivated food, being chased by the movie’s villain, the juiced up Douche (Nick Kroll).

Many of Rogan’s buddies appear here, lending their voices to certain produce and characters.  James Franco, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, Selma Hayek, Jonah Hill, Anders Holm, Danny McBride, Edward Norton, Craig Robinson, and Paul Rudd are stars who gave their voices to this animation.

Here is the biggest thing.  This is really crass and raunchy at times, but you can excuse that if the humor is funny.  So is this film funny?  Yes and no.  There are many scenes where the humor is very funny, and they really push the envelope a long way.  There are also some clever jokes that are blended into the sex and drug jokes.  There is almost a message in the humor at times.  Unfortunately, I found myself sitting for several long stretches in the film without laughing.  A bad sign.

I have a feeling that the joke of swearing and sexually active food got old as it was dragged out through the entire film.  This is one of those films that feels like it would have been a hilarious 45 minute movie, but to fill the 87 minutes that it was was just too much.

However, the finale to the adventure was just shockingly really out there… crossing any line you could imagine.  And it just kept going and going.  You have to give the film credit for going for it as hard as it did.  There were several images that I saw that I never expected that I would see, especially in an animated film about talking food.  It certainly earned its hard R rating.

I am on the fence about Sausage Party.  While I find this funny in spots and very creative in a way that took the Pixar film making strategy and turned it on its head, there was long times in the film where I just did not find it funny.  They fell back on the lame drug humor that I never like, and the sexual jokes got old quickly.  That is…until the ending just became an orgy of over the top imagery.

2.95 stars

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