Old Man Geek Week in Review


I have to take a few minutes out of watchin’ Chris Matthews on Hardball to get this week in review written.  I love watchin’ that young stud journalist, Matthews.  He doesn’t take any crap from anyone.

This week I’ve been watchin’ this amazing Olympic competition from Rio.  I have some stories about Rio that I might have to write about some day.

But that would be gettin’ off task and I been warned about that.

So …Olympics. Yeah, this has been exciting.  I saw all kinds of great stuff.

Bike racing.

Sword fighting.

Shootin’ arrows.

Volleyball in the sand.

There was green water in the pools.

Then there was some golf.  Golf?  I bet the Ancient Greeks are rollin’ over in their graves.

To be fair, the American women gymnastic team was amazing.  It even touched my old and crabby heart seeing this group of young women take the world by storm.

And then there is the last days of the real life Aquaman.  Michael Phelps is a fish.  I wonder if he can talk to them like Arthur Curry can?

We are finally gettin’ to the running part of the Olympics.  Usain Bolt has taken Barry Allan’s nickname away— “The Fastest Man Alive.”  I can almost believe it.

I can sit in my chair and watch this stuff all day long.

So I’m gonna get back to it right now.

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