Amazon’s The Tick

It is here, true believers!  Once again, the big blue bug of justice is stomping his heel of heroism across the rooftops of The City, searching for evil and all that it does.  Only through destiny can the nigh invulnerable super hero say to all…”Knock off all that evil!

The Tick is one of the pilots up for vote on Amazon Prime.  A live action super hero comedy that turns the genre on its ear.  Created by Ben Edlund, The Tick makes a triumphant return.

The Tick started as an independent comic book.  That led to a FOX animated series that ran for three years and brought us some of the best comedic episodes you could hope for.  Finally, the tragically short-lived live action The Tick, starring Patrick Warburton, was on FOX for its 8 episodes.

Then, word came that Amazon was working on a new version of the Tick.  English comedian Peter Serafinowicz was cast in the lead role, a role that would be a challenge because of the great work of Warburton, as well as voice actor Townsend Coleman.  However, I see a lot of promise in Serafinowicz.  He delivered several of the classic Tick lines with a great gusto (such as “You’re not going crazy! You’re going sane in a crazy world!”).

But even more.  The new version of The Tick is grittier.  More grounded.  More realistic.  That sounds wrong.  But, it works.  It works so great!

We get a new background for Arthur, the Tick’s sad sack sidekick.  He had always been portrayed as an accountant with a poor self-image who wished to be a hero.  Here, Arthur is a damaged young man who had a dark and sad background, and who has been suffering with mental illness since.

Arthur is played perfectly by Griffin Newman.  He embodied this new Arthur so well and I found myself really feeling for the young boy whose encounter with the Terror (Jackie Earle Hayley).  His hero’s journey is a key to this first episode, and, hopefully, for many more to come.

There were some good characters introduced as well.  Dot, Arthur’s sister, looks to be the most interesting version of this character that we have seen.  The Terror looked to be a pretty awesome big bad.  The Terror has been the singular obsession for Arthur, and the reason he has been as damaged as he is.

Wally Pfister helmed this pilot. Pfister was the cinematographer behind “The Dark Knight Trilogy,” and he does a wonderful job here.

I wasn’t sure what to think, but when the Tick ends up in Arthur’s apartment, everything felt familiar, and it also feels new.


Please go see The Tick at Amazon and vote for the pilot.  I want to watch years of The Tick!

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