Mechanic Resurrection

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If you like the old and stupid 80s action movie…and I do mean stupid… then you might enjoy Mechanic Resurrection.

I, on the other hand, was never a fan of that type of movie.

This was so stupid.

Bishop (Jason Statham) was supposed to be dead, but clearly he isn’t and Crain (Sam Hazeldine), some kind of evil villain, wants Bishop to kill three people for him.  In order to do that, he sent Gina (Jessica Alba) to meet Bishop and fall for him so she could be used as bait for him.  Then, Crain kidnapped her and forced Bishop to do what he wanted.

That plan made absolutely no sense because what if Bishop and Gina did not fall in love?  Bishop discovered this plan immediately, but he still let himself fall for her.

Add to this that Bishop and Gina had zero chemistry and almost as much rooting factor.  They were so boring that I could barely care about them.

Bishop then went to a prison to try and kill Krill (Femi Elufowoju Jr.).  The second guy was some crook named Adrian Cook (Toby Eddington).  The third guy was Tommy Lee Jones, who Bishop made a deal with.

The story makes my head hurt.

I knew immediately when Bishop leaped off a chairlift and wound up on a hang glider that this movie would be ridiculous.

Tommy Lee Jones looked really funny with his character.  Of course, there was no development of this character.  It was just Tommy Lee Jones as a tweener-villain.

Oh, I don’t want to talk about this film any more.  This was a boring show.

1.6 stars

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