When the Bough Breaks

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Stupid people doing stupid things.

That was my thoughts after seeing this fairly familiar story of a woman who becomes obsessed with a married man.  The twist… this time, the woman is a baby surrogate for the married couple.

John and Laura Taylor (Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall) want to have a baby, but they have failed at several attempts.  They have moved on to surrogacy in an attempt to have a baby, but they are down to their final viable embryo.  So when they discover this young, attractive girl who is willing to be their surrogate, they are extremely pleased.  Despite the fact that the young girl, Anna Walsh (Jaz Sinclair), had an abusive boyfriend (Theo Rossi), the Taylors found Anna to be perfect for their needs.

Of course, she becomes queen psycho once she is implanted with the embryo.  Anna falls in love with John and goes full Glenn Close on them.

There are decent things that happen in the movie, but nothing new.  There were entertaining moments during When the Bow Breaks, but there is not enough to overcome all of the stupid things that happen.  For example, when John is growing suspicious of Anna, he gets his friend Roland (Michael K. Williams) to investigate the boyfriend.  He found little about him, but he went ahead and looked into Anna, discovering a bunch of problems from her past, including a murder.  John is a big-time lawyer… why wouldn’t he have this same background check done on Anna before they implanted her with their last embryo?  It did not seem like it took Roland long to find this damning info.

John did so many dumb things throughout this film that, despite being likeable, you just wonder what he is thinking.

Not that Laura is immune to the stupidity bug that plagues the film.  She is completely oblivious to the machinations of the woman carrying her baby, but worse yet…when she finds out, she comes up with the brilliant idea that John should pretend to leave her and convince Anna that he wanted to be with her instead.  Nothing going to go wrong with that idea.  She told John that he had to do whatever he had to in order to convince her.

Then, for some reason, John and Laura decide to lie to John’s law firm about who Anna is, calling her John’s cousin.  I’m not sure why they couldn’t have just told them that she was having their baby, but that lie would, of course, come back and bite them.

When John started seeing the fact that Anna was bat shit crazy, he kept it to himself.  Eventually he tells Laura that he didn’t want to ruin the process for her.  I guess her thought the craziness wouldn’t have ruined the process…let alone the shotgun.   Somebody should send him a copy of Fatal Attraction, The Hand that Rocked the Cradle,  or the Perfect Guy (which, BTW, Morris Chestnut starred in as well.  Is this typecasting?)

I’m afraid that the dialogue was also pretty poor.  There were a few times when I was laughing to myself about what these characters were saying.  They did not talk like real people.

The finale is just dumb, but it is somewhat surprisingly satisfying.  Prior to that though was the proper use of a car in this situation.  SPOILER.  Laura and John are in a car with baby in backseat, and Anna has a shotgun and shooting directly at them.  Laura does exactly what she should have done.  She accelerated and ran smack dab into the crazy bitch.  I almost cheered.  I said out loud… “now back up”.  She didn’t.  It was like a double tap.  Always do that.  Of course, then the final scene was as dumb as the rest of the film, leaving everything up in the air.

If this film were playing on Lifetime, it might be worth a watch.  It is certainly fun and dumb.  You can wonder why these people are doing what they are doing and laugh at them.

2.1 stars


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