Max Steel

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We have super heroes everywhere.

Even former toys from Mattel are becoming super heroes.

16 year old Max McGrath (Ben Winchell) has returned to his home town after years of moving around with his mother (Maria Bello).  Suddenly, he started displaying a strange energy that caused electronics to short out and churned within him like a bomb.

Max did not understand what was happening and, as he was trying to figure it out, he came across an odd alien named Steel (Josh Brener).  Steel knew something about the mysterious energy and about the creatures that killed Max’s father years ago, but he was having trouble remembering it.

There is a shadowy group following Max and trying to kill Steel as well.  Then, we discover that the pair can combine into an armor wearing super hero, called Max Steel.

This film is not the worst thing I have seen, but there is nothing remarkable about it either.  It is a rather dull origin story that was very predictable.  I disliked the way Steel spoke, not sounding like an alien at all.  And the acting was pretty abysmal, especially  Andy Garcia.  Garcia’s performance as Dr. Miles Edwards was obnoxiously bad.  It was clearly a paycheck performance for the former Oscar nominated actor.

The special effects were okay, but nothing really special.  There was a definite feel of an 80s or early 90s movie… and not a good one.

Honestly, I spent much of the first 30-45 minutes with my eyes closed and trying to doze through it. I was never officially sleeping during it, but I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention either.  Max Steel was not much of a super hero movie.  This is the type that could really bring about super hero fatigue.

2.2 stars

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