I’m Dreaming of a Loot Crate Christmas

I always do a theme for the Christmas Tree.  I started this tradition a few years back with my Spider-Man tree.  I have done a WWE tree, a Star Wars tree, and a Lord of the Rings tree.  But I must say that I struggled with the concept for this year’s tree.  Nothing was popping into my head.  I thought about a Marvel tree, but I was not feeling that one.  I did not want to do something like I did with Star Wars last year where I went out and spent a mint getting ornaments for the tree.  I was flummoxed.

And then it hit me.  One of my favorite things this year has been Loot Crate.  I even have a little song I sing when the Loot Crate box arrives at the house.  I can actually remember a couple of times when seeing the black box took a bad day and made it so much better.

So, the 2016 EYG Geek Christmas Tree is in honor of Loot Crate.

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