Worst TV

Shows I stopped watchingThese may not be bad, but they were shows that I began to watch but for whatever reason, I just let slip off.

#4.  American Horror Story: Hotel (FX).  Fell behind this show and just did not feel the need to catch up.  I did love the episode with the ghosts of the serial killers though.

#3.  Fear the Walking Dead (AMC).  A weaker version of the parent show.  Just could not get into the new characters.

#2.  Secrets and Lies (ABC).  I watched season one, and I started on season two, but it was on Sunday night and there were more interesting shows on at that same time.  I never caught back up on Hulu or other streaming services.  Plus, the character of Detective Cornell was the most annoying character on TV.

#1.  Grimm (NBC).  I really enjoyed Grimm for several years, but I got annoyed by its repetitive plots and twists.  Each season was basically the same, just with a different character.  I still watched because I liked Monroe and Nick, but it got to the point where I just did not care any more.


Worst StorylineWho’s going to die? (Agents of SHIELD).  This was very anti-climatic since the answer was Lincoln and the world as a whole said, Ok.  Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that it wasn’t Coulson or May or Mac.  It was the choice of least impact.  Runner-up: Flashpoint (Flash)

Worst Return:  Fish Mooney (Gotham).  Probably the only misstep Gotham made this year was bringing back Fish Mooney.  And they even did that reasonably well.

Worst Season Finale:  The Walking Dead (AMC).  Sure it created a great cliffhanger that paid off in the season opener, but the tease of the episode was uncalled for.  We did not see Negan until the very end and by that time, who cared?  It almost drove the viewers away, and it could be part of the reason why The Walking Dead has been hemorrhaging viewers since.

Worst character design:  Diamondback (Luke Cage).  See….

Image result for diamond back Luke Cage

Biggest Mistake:  ABC canceling Agent Carter for Conviction.  Hayley Atwell was doing just fine as our favorite secret agent in the 1940s era USA until ABC pulled the plug after season 2.  Then they cast Atwell in a series that lasted only a handful of episodes.  Big mistake!

Biggest Insult to a Character:  Barb (Stranger Things). Hey, didn’t Barb get stuck in the Upside Down world too?  Ah, who cares…we got Will back.  To be fair, we did see the dead body of Barb in the other dimension, but it was the “so what” feel that everyone had in the real world that was insulting to the character.

Bad Trend:  General Hospital (ABC). I have watched GH for decades, but this season, I found myself skipping weeks at a time, not caring too much about what was happening.  The writing was pretty poor this year and characters were doing things I hated.  Even the death of Morgan could not get me back full time.  I hope this trend can correct itself soon or maybe the days of network soaps might be ending.

I Miss:  Top Ten Show (Collider).  John Rocha and Matt Knost would come up with a topic and would create their own top ten list of movies and then they would debate what the show’s top ten list would look like.  I miss this show that I would watch every Wednesday on YouTube.  Come on Collider…get this show back!!!

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