Vision and Marvel Comics

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I had not collected Vision, the 2015-16 comic created by by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles, when it originally came out.  I purchased the first issue, but I did not give it much of a chance.  I have a lot of Marvel Comics that I get a month and a Vision series where he created a nuclear family did not interest me.

I had heard positive things about the series, but also heard it was ending with issue #12, so there was no reason to give it a try.

However, after it ended, particularly since Viv Vision is involved in the new Champions series which I am collecting, I did purchase the graphic novel compilation volume one and two of the series and gave it a read,.


Image result for vision marvel new seriesThe Vision series read as an old maxi-series might have read, having a beginning, middle and end.  It was as compelling of a series as you could ever expect a group of robots to be involved in.  These characters were fully fleshed out and you felt these events that the characters go through.  Without spoilers, there were some of the most emotional moments in comics contained in the pages of Vision.

This makes me wonder why Marvel can’t do this more often.

Understand, I am a huge Marvel mark.  I collect multiple Marvel titles a month.  I am unapologetically a Marvel fan.  Still, there is no denying that the company gets themselves in ruts.

We wind up with way too many comics involving Deadpool, Inhumans, Avengers, Spider-man (yes I love Spider-man…still), Wolverine.  It is like once a character shows some success, they feel the need to drive it into the ground.

How many different Deadpool series are going right now?  There is Deadpool, Spider-man/Deadpool, Deadpool & the Mercs for Money, Deadpool the Duck, Gwenpool, Deadpool: Too Soon, Spider-man/Deadpool Monsters Unleashed, and Uncanny Avengers.  There would probably be even more Spider-man series out.  And forget about the number of Avengers.

Image result for dr strange comics jason aaronThere are currently three Doctor Strange series out as well.  I loved the Jason Aaron run on Dr. Strange, but that should not mean that suddenly the Sorcerer Supreme needs to be in more than that one title.

To me, this oversaturation is a huge problem for Marvel.  I am so tired of seeing the same characters each month in multiple books that I don’t read several of the titles I buy.

Image result for moon knightPlus, then series that are completely original and brilliant get lost in the muck.  Vision was a transcendent series.  Mockingbird last 8 issues but it was my favorite comic series of 2016 by far.  Moon Knight has been doing some remarkably original stuff.  Mosaic is a brand new series that shows promise (even though he is just another Inhuman).

These series do not receive the chance they need when they have tons of other Spider-Deadpool-Avengers-Inhumans-X properties taking up space on the comic rack.

Marvel has been struggling in the comic market lately as well.  DC Comics has been dominant lately with their Rebirth reboot and had 8 of the 10 spots in comics sold last month.

What I wouldn’t give for an original super hero story from Marvel.  How about a new character who is not either an Inhuman, or a different version of a classic hero (Sam Wilson as Captain America,  Ms. Marvel, female Thor, Miles Morales, two different Iron Man characters etc).  Someone who is not brooding, someone who has a secret identity, someone who is not an agent for SHIELD etc.

Or taking an established character and creating an interesting and well-developed story with those characters (like Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Dr Strange) without letting that series die a death stuck between Deadpool and Inhuman books.

I want a more variety from Marvel.  Great Lakes Avengers is a great new series that is a lot of fun.  How long will that last?  Hellcat, Mosaic, Moon Knight, Daredevil, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur that are original and that I enjoy every month.  Still Mockingbird gets 8 issues and is cancelled.  Vision gets 12 issues.  Nighthawk gets 6 issues.

I wish there was some changes in Marvel Comics because they have a great group of heroes that could really revitalize the company.



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