Scandal [SPOILERS]

Welcome everyone to the newest column here at EYG.  It is a column devoted to the world of television.  This web site has several movie related blog posts, but there has been nothing of note on the TV world and TV is a big part of my geek.  This blog will feature many different shows, perhaps some pilot reviews and/or some thoughts on long time favorites.

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Last night, ABC’s Scandal debuted.  {As the title indicates, there will be spoilers ahead for the season six premiere of Scandal.  You are now warned} I was introduced to Scandal by friends of mine a few years ago and I binged some of the past episodes and I was absolutely thrilled with it.  The tension, the characters, the excitement!  It had everything.

However, as the years progressed, I found myself finding Scandal less and less enjoyable.  It was still fun, but there were too many moments of pure stupidity.  Worse yet, one of the best parts of the series, the characters, had really taken a turn.

Then, Olivia Pope, played with a consistent brilliance by the stunning Kerri Washington, was kidnapped during season 4 and they began to dismantle the white-hat wearing gladiator.  Characters that I had loved started becoming either unlikable or downright evil.  Cyrus became a shell of his former self.  Huck was way over the edge with his torture and violence.  Poppa Pope went from the great villainous bogeyman to cartoon character with questionable motives.  Fitz… well, I never liked him much, but he became the worst fictionalized president in the history of cinema when he started a war to try to save Olivia’s life.

The show felt like it had reached its creative zenith and would slowly creep into the recesses of the forgotten.

And then, season six debuted.

Last night’s Scandal reminded me of why I loved this series.

Within the first ten minutes, we had a scene full of powerhouse performances, especially from Bellamy Young, who as Millie Grant, was forced to call and concede the election to Frankie Vargas in a scene that felt a little too close to reality to be anything but uncomfortable.  But that was not even the biggest shock of those first ten minutes as the new president-elect stepped out to give his acceptance speech only to be shot three times.

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And he died.

Wow.  Suddenly, everything was up in the air.  It seemed as if we were going to have a mystery until Olivia confronted her father and he implied that the shooter had been hired by none other than Cyrus Bean himself, the brand new vice-president elect.

Olivia desperately tried to prove Cyrus was responsible as Fitz tried to determine what would have to be done to save the nation.  Since everything would fall into the hands of the Electoral College (remember them?), Fitz, as president, could back someone and they would, most likely, be chosen by the electors.  But would he choose Cyrus to back, despite that the country had not voted for him, or would he back ex-wife Millie, who had been defeated in the election?

When Olivia saw how Cyrus was grieving the loss of President-elect Vargus, she decided that her gut was wrong.  They had found no evidence against Cyrus and Fitz was safe to proceed with what he had decided to do (despite Millie telling him in a sweet scene that she still wanted the “crown”).  Fitz announced that Cyrus would be taking the presidency like Vargus wanted.

But, in true Scandal fashion, the evidence showed up too late and Olivia realized that Cyrus was, indeed, behind the assassination.

Olivia’s confrontation of Cyrus was the best Olivia Pope moment we have had in years.  She felt like she was back and ready to take Cyrus down.  The loss of her aura from season 4 was gone now.  Olivia Pope, the fixer, the bad ass, was back and she was motivated.  And seeing her go head to head with Cyrus this season sounds like just what this show needed.

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I hope that we can avoid the trap of Olivia-Fitz (which is the worst relationship on TV) and get back to the days where Pope and Associates dominated the screen with purpose and power.  Much like she whispered into Cyrus’s ear when she pretended to give him her condolences.

“I knew you could pretend to grieve for one day, but two days in a row? Who knew you had the acting chops?  You son of a b**ch. I know you killed him and I’m gong to prove it.”

This is going to be one heck of a ride.  Here’s hoping that Scandal has rediscovered the magic of what made this one of the best shows on TV.

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