The TV Week That Was


Has anyone benefited more from the campaign and election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States than Saturday Night Live?  First they were blessed to have Alec Baldwin portraying the Tweeter-in-Chief, and now, in a moment of sheer brilliance, Image result for mccarthy as spicerMelissa McCarthy has played White house Press Secretary Sean Spicer.  Last week, the world all laughed together as the clip of McCarthy dominated television discussion, and now she returned to SNL for a second week, this time with the cold open.  The ruthless portrayal of Spicer is remarkably funny and savagely satirical.  The Trump administration has brought out the best in SNL, bringing the show back to prominence that we have not seen in many years.  Rumors circulated this week that Rosie O’Donnell wanted to play Steve Bannon on the show (the show currently portrays Bannon as the Grim Reaper), but there was no sign this week of Rosie.  However, Alec Baldwin, this week’s host, did reprise his Trump, taking the three federal court judges who overturned the travel ban to the People’ Court.

Image result for RiverdaleWhat happened to Riverdale?  The first two episodes of the new CW series based on the comic book characters of the Archie universe were very intriguing and interesting.  There was a central mystery involving the disappearance of Jason Blossom and the show had a Gossip Girls meets Twin Peaks feel to it.  Last week’s episode ended with the apparent arrest of Cheryl Blossom for the murder of Jason when his body was found dead (not missing).  Then, this week’s episode, focused on a boring story about the football team and their slut shaming of girls at Riverdale High.  While the story is an important one to tell, the timing of this was extremely questionable as it seemed to derail the momentum of the first couple of episodes.  I hope it gets back on track next week.

Image result for scandal season 6 cyrusScandal continues it renaissance with another dramatically intense episode, showing us the real circumstance behind the assassination of President Elect Frankie Vargas.  It turns out that Cyrus Bean was behind the assassination, inadvertently.  The killer turned out to be Tom, who had killed the president’s son, and who was in love with Cyrus.  His plan was to get Cyrus into the Oval Office.  The problem, Cyrus rejected him because, although he had sent him after Jennifer- the young lady who had made the call that tipped off Olivia Pope on the possibility that Cyrus was guilty, Cyrus had told Tom that Frankie was not to be touched.  After rejecting Tom, Tom got his own revenge by confessing to the crime and telling Fitz and anyone who would listen that Cyrus had ordered him to do it.

Image result for 24 legacy24 Legacy premiered to lower ratings than anticipated after the Super Bowl.  People believed it was because the Super Bowl ran long, with the New England Patriots defeating the Atlanta Falcons in the first ever overtime Super Bowl in history.  However, 24 Legacy first two episodes were tremendous, effectively setting up the series with its bright new star Corey Hawkins (Dr. Dre from Straight Outta Compton).  By the end of episode two (which aired the next night in its regular time slot), I was all in with the new version of the beloved show.

Image result for legion FXLegion debuted on FX this past Wednesday and most people who saw it spoke extremely highly on the new mutant series.  I will be honest, I was not sold with the pilot.  It was interesting, but I found it kind of hard to follow.  The first episode was an hour and a half and followed the story of telekinetic mutant David Haller (Dan Stevens) through his struggles at a mental institution.  The show was certainly a beautifully shot and directed show and it is not as if I hated the episode.  I just was not as blown away as I thought I might be.  It appears that the ratings agree with me as they were only so so for FX.  I will still be watching the show, however, expecting the story to improve as we proceed.

Image result for jimmy and Maya DiMeo valentine's dayMy current favorite couple on television goes to Maya and Jimmy DiMeo from ABC’s Speechless.  This week’s Valentine Day episode looked closer at their relationship and found one of the healthiest married couples on television.  These characters are played charmingly by Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie.  They are so perfect for each other despite being shown as people who have a list of problems and eccentricities.  Speechless continues to be a consistent and solid comedy for ABC on Wednesday nights and the chemistry between the DiMeos are a big reason why.

tvfightstitleTV Fights Live crowned a new TV Fights Champion this week after a week of controversy on the Screen Junkies Plus show.  Last week, challenger Joe Starr, who had been trash talking for weeks toward champion Matt Lieberman, did not show up for his match with Lieberman and Andy Signore.  Instead, he used an oddball rule and had Movie Fights Champion and Movie Schmoedown Champion Dan Murrell fight for him.  Then Andy Signore had Murrell do the speed round for him and Murrell won causing all kinds of chaos.  This week, Lieberman, Starr and Murrell were in the studio for a championship match sans controversy and Dan showed why he is the leader of the New Murrell Order.  Roxy Striar hosts and judges the debate show.

The Walking Dead returns tonight on AMC.  Always exciting when the Walking Dead comes back from break.



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