Table 19

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Anna Kendrick heads to the wedding of her ex-boyfriend’s sister in the new film Table 19.  She finds herself assigned to the worst table at the reception with a crew of misfits and unwanted guests.

Craig Robinson and Lisa Kudrow are a married couple having relationship troubles.  June Squibb played an old nanny of the bride who cannot believe that she was placed on the bad table.  Stephen Merchant was a “successful” businessman who was allowed to come to the wedding from the halfway house and Tony Revolori is a high schooler looking for love at the wedding.

I found this to be funny.  I liked the actors involved in the film, but , yes, there was nothing really new here.  The six guests sit at this table and interact with one another.  Anna Kendrick’s character was meant to be our main protagonist but she was kind of unlikable for much of the film.   However, we discover the reason why she is so unlikable and it made a lot of sense to me.

There was a lot of childish activity going on here too.  There are a lot of mean spirited moments in the film, but I found the humor enjoyable and that helps.

I don’t have much else to say about this. Table 19 is a disposable film that was a good time passer.  I liked it enough.

3.3 stars

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