The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to The TV Week That Was, here at EYG, and I am going to start with some complaints.

Image result for flash musicalThe Flash musical episode.  I like musical episodes of television.  The Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Once More With Feeling”, Batman: The Brave and the Bold “Mayhem of the Music Meister”, Multiple Simpsons episodes… had special musical episodes.  The Flash seemed like a great idea since both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist were on Glee (as was Darren Criss) and could sing and dance and they had former Broadway stars Jesse L. Martin and Victor Garber in the cast.  However, I found the hour to be lacking in many ways.  I did not think the story was worth the time.  I was disappointed in the music, not only the songs but also the amount of them.  With the exception of the song with Jesse L. Martin and Victor Garber, the songs were poor.  I actually thought some of the humor and writing of the show was solid, but the music was just weak.  Maybe I should give it a second viewing to see if my opinions continued to be as they are, but as of now, I disliked the musical Flash show.

Related imageThen, Scandal.  I was very disappointed with the “shock” ending of this show.  I saw that one coming completely.  The show was focused on Huck.  Olivia (continuing to be one of my least favorite characters on the show- how she has fallen) told Huck to murder her father.  In the process of Huck doing that, Rowan revealed the conspiracy behind why he killed the President. Huck discovered that there was a traitor in their midst.  So Huck went about eliminating suspects.  He got to his new girlfriend.  He scared her, but in the end believed her to be innocent.  And he then took her to see her friend, Jennifer Fields, the woman who was believed to be killed by Jake but wasn’t.  And she promptly shot Jennifer and Huck.  I saw that twist coming and was disappointed when they went ahead and did it.  Even though there was a cool surprise after that with Abby being revealed as the person behind this all (even though that felt very much out of character for her), the rest of this episode was very frustrating.

However… there was some really great stuff as well this week.

Image result for shadow king legionLegion.  What a great episode.  This was the penultimate episode in the first season, and we get confirmation that the monster/parasite in David’s mind is indeed the Shadow King.  They specifically said the name Shadow King, as well as his real name Amahl Farouk, in the episode.  This was a true geek out moment, as was the hint of David’s real father.  We saw a wheelchair with an X on the tires.  We comic fans know that David’s birth father is Charles Xavier, and this is the first indication that Professor X will also be the father on the FX series.  The whole David talking to David in a classroom with blackboards illustrating the history of the Shadow King was epic.  Legion has been an existential trip all season long.  It has been confirmed that Legion has been picked up for a season two.

Image result for feud bette and joan episode threeAnother great show on FX currently is Feud: Bette and Joan.  The Sunday night show is only on the third episode, but it feels as if it has gotten better with each episode.  Jessica Lange is tremendous as Joan Crawford.  The show has already reached the end of the filming of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” I’m curious to see where this show will go from here, but I am completely engaged in it.  I love Feud and Ryan Murphy.

Image result for trial and error nbc episode 3 and 4I was not convinced about Trial and Error, the new comedy on NBC featuring John Lithgow after the premiere, but the next two episodes were shown on its normal night and I am all in.  I actually was laughing very loudly several times.  Now, I must admit that I think the Sherri Shepherd character with her inability to see faces and to laugh at the inappropriate times is going to be a joke that is going to be old soon.  Despite that, I like the mystery of what is actually happening and John Lithgow is completely charismatic.

Image result for felicity huffman AMERICAN CRIME'I caught up with the new season of American Crime.  I don’t know why American Crime, which is shown on ABC on Sunday night, is not available on Hulu, but I was able to catch up on Amazon.  Felicity Huffman has been on all three seasons of the anthology show and I was amazed by her performance in the second episode.  The new season has several story lines going on, but Felicity has carved out a spot on this show as a great actress.

Image result for Top Ten vs. schmoes team match schmoedownThe Movie Trivia Schmoedown had a pretty good week this week on Collider Video on YouTube.  The Tuesday match was a return match between The Schmoes (Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis) vs. Team Top Ten (John Rocha and Matt Knost) that went down to the final question.  Top Ten got the win and earned themselves a team title shot vs. the Patriots.  Then, on Friday, the Wolves of Steel teammates, Mark Reilly and Clark Wolfe, had a singles match to gain a title match with “The Outlaw” John Rocha.  Mark Reilly defeated his teammate and then he had a great and intense promo with Rocha in the backstage area.  I know most of that stuff is put on like pro wrestling, but Reilly and Rocha were great here.  You could almost believe that they hated each other.  The Movie Trivia Schmoedown has become one of my favorite shows online during the week.  Congrats to Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis for their work on this entertaining show.

Next week… it is Wrestlemania 33 on the WWE Network, including Friday night’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Good viewing everyone.

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