The Boss Baby

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I think most kids, especially the younger ones, will enjoy The Boss Baby, featuring the voice talents of Alec Baldwin.

However, I did not enjoy this much at all.

I suppose I am not the target audience for this film, however, Pixar, Disney and many other successful animated studios have shown that they can make entertaining films that appeal to both young children and adults.  The Boss Baby is simply not in that league.

Tim (Miles Bakshi) has a great life with all of his parents’ attention.  That is, until a new baby brother comes along.  However, there is something odd with the suit-wearing baby.  Tim discovers that the Boss Baby can speak and that he has arrived from his company with the hope to prevent the release of a forever-young puppy that will tilt the scale of love available to the side of the puppies and away from the babies.

Of course, Tim has been feeling jealous of the attention now being showered upon the new sibling so he teams up with Boss Baby so they both can get what they want… Boss Baby out of the house.

This film is needlessly confusing.  There is a lot of fantasy segments included in the film and it really tends to blur the line between fantasy and what is really happening.  In fact, at the beginning of the film, I was sure the whole film was going to turn out to be one big dream by Tim, and, honestly, I’m not convinced that that isn’t exactly what happened.

The voice cast is acceptable, with Alec Baldwin as the standout.  However, Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow, two very funny individuals, were regulated to pretty unfunny roles as the parents of Tim.  Tobey Maguire provides the voice over narration, much like you might have had in the Wonder Years, and he is fine.  Steve Buscemi appears as well later in the film.

The film’s animation is pretty well done, and I do like the way the animation switches to a different style during fantasy segments.  Still, it probably caused confusion in the story telling as well.

There is a good message to the film as well, as it tells kids that, just because there is a new baby in the house, your parents are not going to love you any less.  I am sure that is a message that would resonate with many young children so the movie should be commended for that.  But I am a long way from those days and that message is not directed to me.

And that message gets lost among all the poop, puke, hit in balls jokes that are scattered throughout the film.  Again, humor that the 8 year old might find hilarious, but is actually quite tedious for me.

The Boss Baby wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it is not something that I would want to see again, nor is it something that I expect to remember much about later in the year.

2.4 stars

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