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“…That’s why darling, it’s incredible… that someone, so unforgettable… thinks that I’m…unforgettable too.”

Those are lyrics from Nat King Cole’s classic version of the song Unforgettable.  I have no idea why this movie is titled Unforgettable, because, unlike Nat King Cole’s beautiful song, it is certainly very much forgettable.

You know this story.  Every year we have a form of this exact same story.  In this year’s version, Rosario Dawson plays Julia, a woman with a dangerous past, who has found her true love (Geoff Stults) after escaping an abusive relationship.  Unfortunately, David (her true love) has an ex-wife named Tessa (Katherine Heigl).  Tessa turns out to be crazy and becomes obsessively jealous of Julia and David’s relationship.

There is a little girl here too, the daughter of David and Tessa, that winds up getting caught in the middle.

One of the big problems with the film is that we know immediately that Tessa is crazy.  She has that look on her face.  She never felt like a normal person who has lost her love and has been driven too far.  She was just simply coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

Rosario Dawson is fine as the lead role, but she is pretty inconsistent.  The writing of the film is pretty poor as well.  The whole plot by Tessa makes no sense, and depends on Julia and David not talking to one another.  Tessa goes wildly sporadic in this movie as well as the character does all kinds of crazy things.

Cheryl Ladd appears as Tessa’s mother and really takes the role over the top in B-movie goodness.  Of course, the rest of the cast seemed to be playing their roles straight making Ladd’s performance standout even more.

Once again there is nothing new or interesting about this movie, despite the attempt to catch the magic that was Fatal Attraction.  Every year we get a film like this and every year it is pretty standard and dull.  These characters do stupid things and that is always a problem.  If your story is a blatant rip off, at least do something clever.  Unforgettable does not do anything clever and,because of that, this film has no chance.

Unforgettable is fully forgettable.

2 stars

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