The TV Week That Was


lukeScottI have been a big fan of General Hospital for most of my life.  I started watching the show back in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  My mom watched the show and I started becoming engaged with it as well.  One of my earliest memories of the show was when Luke Spencer interrupted Scott Baldwin and Laura Webber’s wedding ceremony and Luke wound up falling off a yacht.  Good times.

Image result for special jane elliott episode of GH on trialThis week, there was a big General Hospital moment as the show had a special episode this past Friday featuring Tracy Quartermaine.  Tracy’s portrayer, Jane Elliot, has announced that she is retiring from acting and the show has given her a final storyline to say goodbye to this classic diva.  Tracy was placed on trial for her deeds during a delusion she had after being struck on the head by a placard falling off the Quartermaine family crypt.  Local mob boss Sonny Cornithos was the judge and the Image result for special jane elliott episode of GH on triallawyers were the aforementioned Scott Baldwin and the ever awesome Diane.  The show was brilliantly written, including extremely clever dialogue and nods to past history, as well as showing scenes from the past 30 years of Tracy Quartermaine’s history on the show.  Most notably, the scene where her father Edward was having a heart attack and Tracy withheld his heart medication until he signed the will giving her the share of Quartermaine fortune.  It was a tremendous scene made all the better by seeing the amazing Elliot react to her younger self, showing the monumental regret of a moment that defined the character ever since.  Jane Elliot’s final appearance on General Hospital is scheduled for next Thursday, May 4th and the speculation is former on screen co-star Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer) is reprising his role for a short cameo to help send Ms. Quartermaine off canvas.

Image result for rick and mortyOn TV Fights Live this past week, Matt Knost was one of the fighters and he argued that Rick and Morty was the best animated series since 2010.  I thought he had done an excellent job of fighting that series and I decided to look and see what it was like.  I discovered that both season 1 and 2 were available for streaming on Hulu, so I began to binge.  Wow!  I am so glad that I did.  Rick and Morty quickly became one of the most entertaining, shocking and dark animated series that I had ever seen.  I binged through all of the original two seasons and the first episode of season three and now I am eagerly anticipating the rest of the third season.  Thank you, Mr. Knost.

Image result for bates motel finaleWe also had some finale this week.  Starting off with the series finale of Bates Motel.  Once again, the creative forces behind this reimagining of the Psycho film did a tremendous job of winding up the series.  Although I must admit, I was pretty disappointed that Alex Romero wound up being killed by Norman in the first act of the finale.  One of the best part of the series to me had been the sweet love story between Romero and Norma Bates.  So when Norman killed his mother in the finale of season 4, I had anticipated the showdown between these two.  However, it was not to be.  I will say that my favorite overall character on Bates Motel was Dylan (I loved the scenes where he and Norma were hashing out their troubled relationship) and having him be the one to finally stop Norman was satisfying.  I am glad they ended up with Norman dying at the end and not just locked away.

Image result for feud finaleThe other finale of the week was Feud: Bette and Joan on FX.  This was as much of an emotional roller coaster as Bates Motel was, if not moreso, since this told the true story of the end of the life of Joan Crawford.   The epic brilliance of Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford can not be overstated.  I found myself crying over this woman who slowly slipped away into her own Image result for feud finaledelusions.  Susan Sarandon was every bit as amazing here as Lange.  Sarandon’s portrayal of Bette Davis really brought life to the great actress.  Feud was as good as television can get and everyone involved in this amazing series deserves kudos.


Related imageGotham returned to FOX Monday night after being off the air for quite a while with an episode that brought us the origin of the Riddler.  Edward Nigma has been on screen for the entire series, but we finally get him in the green suit and calling himself the Riddler.  We also see how young Bruce Wayne continuously is moving closer to the role that will define his future life.  Bruce has been kidnapped by the Court of Owls and replaced by the clone of him from Arkham.  And where does Bruce find himself at the end of the episode?  Sure looks like it is the Himalayas.  Is the Batman training far behind?

Image result for archie's mom molly ringwald riverdaleRiverdale is ramping up toward its final two episodes with this week’s arrival of Molly Ringwald in her appearance as Archie’s mom.  We also found out that FP, Jughead’s father and member of the Southside Serpents, is being framed for the murder of Jason Blossom.  We know he is being framed because the gun that was used to kill Jason (which was the same gun that the pedophilia music teacher Miss Grundy had in her car) was found at FP’s house.  However, before it was found by the police, Archie and Veronica had searched FP’s place and had found nothing.  We also found out that Mr. Blossom no longer had red hair, and that he wears wigs.  Apparently, his hair turned white overnight.  Hm… is that another toss back to Twin Peaks?  Leland Palmer’s hair turned white over night as well (and he turned out to be the killer).  Is this foreshadowing or just another red herring?  It seems that (according to next week’s preview) that we find out who killed Jason Blossom next week in the penultimate episode of Riverdale.  Can’t wait.

Image result for scandal everyone in the same roomThe Avengers assembled (or should we call them the Gladiators) on this week’s edition of Scandal as all of the main characters of our show (Olivia, Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus, Jake, David, and eventually Papa Pope) banded together during an orchestrated lockdown to try and come up with a strategy to stop the season’s villains.  Peus had instructed Mellie that Jake would not longer be her vice-president and that she would appoint him VP instead.  Plus she would have Ms. Ruland as the Chief of Staff.  This brought the group together to share a strategy.  I really enjoyed seeing this group come together and realize that they had the power of the presidency behind them.  The worst part of this episode?  Easily the rant from Rowan.  Papa Pope’s crazed rant about everybody in the room was as ridiculous as them including him in this meeting in the first place.  It is far past time that this character be sent off forever, ideally with a bullet between the eyes.  Either way, the decision of the group to fight the shadowy organization was welcome and inspirational.

Image result for product placement in Designated Survivor Ford FusionDesignated Survivor was very enjoyable this week as well as the show pushes forward with its conspiracy story and the attempt for President Kirkman to name a replacement Vice-President.  However, there were a couple of problems.  First, it was advertised that the “mole” inside the White House would be revealed this week and, when it was, I had to look up who the character was.  I did not remember him at all.  That is not a strong choice when they promoted it as a big reveal.  And, worst of all, there was the most awkward and obvious product placement ever right in the middle of a scene with Maggie Q.  The Ford Fusion car got a huge close up, including showing how the car Image result for product placement in Designated Survivor Ford Fusioncan be started via a cell phone.  Went they zoomed in on Maggie Q starting the car with her phone, and then jumped inside the car to show it starting, I was sure something was going to happen like it was going to blow up.  Nope.  Just showing you the wonderful features of a Ford Fusion.  It was simply a cringeworthy moment, worst than just about anything you would see in any feature movie.  Even the blatant product placement in the Transformers movies weren’t as painful as this was.  It simply felt like the show went to commercial sooner than you expected.

American Gods debuts this week on Starz and, since I don’t have that, I am hoping to find a way to watch the series based on Neil Gaimann’s classic novel.  Fargo continues its latest season of brilliance.  We find out who killed Jason Blossom.

Happy Viewing



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