The TV Week That Was


Welcome back everyone.

Image result for house of cards season 5Netflix dropped the new season of House of Cards on Tuesday of this past week.  I was able to binge the first ten episodes of season 5.  I hope to be able to finish that in the upcoming week.  I love Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, but I have to say that there was just something about this season that has been underwhelming.  I’m not sure I can actually put a finger on the reason behind it, but it could be that real life has become too much like House of Cards for me to really get into the fictionalized corruption of the series.  The world of President Donald Trump compares way too closely to the world of President Frank Underwood.

Image result for tom HammerschmidtThen, there are several other facts that have me questioning the season.  It took too long to determine the result of the 2016 election.  Republican candidate Will Conway has gone from a serious threat to a nearly incompetent puppet.  The story with Frank and his personal trainer “friend” and Claire and her “boyfriend” bothered me.  Then there is the weird sensation of cheering for Frank Underwood.  Underwood has done some horrendous things, including murder, but he is so charming and entertaining that you can’t help but cheer for him.  The reporter Tom Hammerschmidt, who is searching into Underwood’s dark and evil past, is someone I want to see fail and that is so backwards.  Hammerschmidt is the antagonist of the show, and that is so strange and it echoes the real world and the trouble with Trump/press too much.

I still love House of Cards, but so far season 5 has been kind of a disappointment.

Image result for gotham season three buried aliveHowever, Gotham was tremendous this past Monday in its penultimate episode of the season.  Gordon buried alive by  Leslie.  Leslie and Gordon taking the Tetch Virus.  The return of Bruce Wayne, though brainwashed.  The return of Fish Mooney, to snatch Penguin from the clutches of The Riddler.  And in one of the biggest WTF moments, Gordon failing to prevent the release of the Tetch Virus in Gotham.  What does this mean for Gotham, its residents and the newly murdered Court of Owls?  I don’t know but my jaw hit the ground when that bomb went off and was not stopped by Gordon.  Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us on Monday.

Image result for whose line season 13 episode 1Whose Line is it Anyway returned on Monday night with more improvisational fun.  Monday’s episode included regulars Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and host Aisha Tyler, as well as “fourth seater” Ann Campbell.  Tony Hawk arrived as their celebrity guest star.  As always, Whose Line brought some great laughter as these performers are ridiculously entertaining and clever.  The WWE’s Bella Twins are scheduled as the special guest stars this week as Whose Line revs up for a lot of summer fun.

Image result for fargo season 3 episode 7 sy cries in wife armFargo continues to improve every week.  This week, we had some serious issues with Nikki, as she was arrested for the murder of Ray and finds herself in a bus wreck, being stalked to be killed.  I am really hoping some miracle is able to save Nikki because I have grown to like her a lot.  I also love Gloria and her battle with bureaucracy and the pairing of Gloria and fellow oddball cop Winnie.  And the character of Sy was heartbreaking in this episode.  When he collapses in his wife’s arms and said: “The world. The world is wrong. It looks like my world, but everything’s different,” that was painful and hard to watch.

Image result for media american godsAmerican Gods was outstanding last week too.  We had our first confrontation between Shadow and Mr. Wednesday and the new gods, including Mr. World (played by Crispin Glover).  But the standout was easily Gillian Anderson, who as the god Media, appeared as both David Bowie (in his blue suit) and as Marilyn Monroe.  This was after her debut in the series looking like I Love Lucy.  The confrontation with the new gods really brought the level of drama to a whole new level.  You have got to feel for poor Shadow, who has also just had to react to his back from the dead (or is she?) wife.


Episode 5 of Twin Peaks is on tonight.  American Gods is also tonight.  Extreme Rules on WWE Network is on tonight.  Sunday night seems to be must see TV.

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