Transformers: The Last Knight

What a piece of crap this movie is.

Seriously, I hated this film.

Explosion.  Yell.  Explosion.  Yell.  Explosion.  Explosion.  Crappy dialogue.  Awkward joke that is not funny.  Explosion.

The film was a frenetic mess, from start to finish.  There were so many jokes that were being cracked, but none of them were funny.  There were not any laughs.  It was so loaded full of garbage and crap.

I am not going into detail on plot, because, honestly, I am not sure what that plot was.  It was painfully convoluted and did not focus on the Transformers.

The film started off in King Arthur times and showed the knights and Arthur hoping that Merlin can pull out the last minute help.  This was about as much positive as I can get.  I was interested.  And then Merlin started speaking, and suddenly it felt like a Monty Python skit.  Merlin was shown as a joke, who was drunk and …ugh.  It lost me at that point.

So maybe Optimus Prime, one of the greatest characters of all time, can pull the film out of the downward spiral, right?  Wrong.  Optimus Prime is in the film for, perhaps, 15 minutes, tops.  Megatron is in even less.

The film is not about the Transformers.  It is about the human characters.  Plus, there are so many characters that are crammed into this film, and many of them are unnecessary.  The young girl, Izabella (Isabela Moner), who one of the trailers focused on, is there for a while at the beginning and showed up at the end, but was gone for a good hour + in the middle.  And she has no real reason to be involved in the story.

Another character… is the character played by Anthony Hopkins.  I hated this character.  He was obnoxious and idiotic.  He is one of the great actors in movies, but he was terrible here.  It was possible that he was having fun, because he did have a smirk throughout the film.  I’m glad he had fun, because I did not have any fun watching it.

When we do see the Transformers, they do look good.  The special effects of the movie is one of the strengths of the film.  One of my previous criticism of other Transformers movies was that I had trouble telling the different Transformers apart.  That is not as much of a problem this time as, especially the Autobots, were distinctive enough with their designs and their color patterns that I could tell the difference with the others besides just Optimus and Bumblebee.  The Decepticons, however, were pretty interchangeable with their designs.

I have heard that some people liked the action involved in the Last Knight, but I found it dull and repetitive.  It was the same kind of stuff from every Transformers movie.  That is one of the big issues with these films… there simply is no originality.  We have seen everything before, and you can only see so many things blow up before it gets boring. The slow motion is annoying too.  There are so many of the typical Michael Bay, the director of all five Transformers movies, tropes found here that it can anger someone.

After about an hour and a half, I was thinking that the film had to be over soon… however, I then thought, wait… Optimus Prime has yet to reach earth from Cybertron.  That thought really depressed me.  I was ready for this film to be over ten minutes into it.  The whole Merlin bit just destroyed any potential hope I might have had of finally finding that Transformer movie that is good.  The Last Knight is not the one.  It is one of the worst movies of the year so far.

0.6 stars

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