You Get Me

You Get Me

I wasn’t going to write a review of this one, but I have changed my mind.  This is a Netflix original that I watched this morning and it was terrible.  But why should the Netflix original movies get a pass for their horrendousness?  It shouldn’t.  So here we go.

The story is Alison (Halston Sage) and Tyler (Taylor John Smith) were high school sweethearts, but they go to a party where a jerk who knew Alison from before made some disparaging remarks about her and Tyler got drunk.  Tyler was one dick of a boyfriend for sure as he turned on this girl he had professed feelings for in a real hurry.  They break up and Tyler meets up with Holly (Bella Thorne) and they have a one night stand (…actually, it might have been a weekend…don’t quote me).

If you have ever seen one of these movies before, you know what is going to happen next.  Tyler and Alison get back together, but Holly shows up at their school.  She begins to place herself into their relationship, pretending to be Alison’s friend but actually trying to get Tyler for herself.  And, of course, she turned out to be a psychotic stalker who becomes violent in the third act.

You could name dozens of movies like this, from Fatal Attraction to Unforgettable.  And there is absolutely zero new here.  Every step for this type of movie is in the film.  It’s like the film had a checklist of tropes that they must have to get into the crazy stalker movie club and it checked off each box.

The repetitive and unoriginal story could be okay if there were some tension or some drama or, god forbid, some acting.  But none of that was here.  The dialogue was atrocious.  The acting was laughable.  Nobody did anything that made any sense.

Don’t waste your time on Netflix with this piece of garbage.

1 star

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