Girls Trip

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This is another film where I am split on my thoughts.

Girls Trip is the story of Ryan (Regina Hall) and her husband Luke Cage (err… I mean Stewart played by Mike Colter) who are heading to New Orleans to promote their new self-help book and finish up a big time promotional deal at Essence Fest, and Ryan wants to use the weekend to reunite with her “Flossy Posse” friends from college, Sasha (Queen Latifah), Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Dina (Tiffany Haddish), who were wild during the day but who had grown apart in the real world.

As the ladies come together, they engage in a series of over the top, raunchy situations that put a stress on the friendship and the deal (and already weakening) marriage of Ryan and Stewart.

This film’s concept is much like Rough Night, another buddy girl gone wild film from earlier this year, but Rough Night turned darker while this film remained in the raunchy comedic category.

The cast of this film is tremendous, and you completely believe that these four ladies are friends.  They call each other on their bull and support each other like true friends do.  Pinkett Smith, Latifah, King and Haddish have A+ chemistry with one another which allows much of the over-the-top comedy to work where as if they did not have such great connection then much of the comedy would have fallen flat.  Tiffany Haddish, in particular, is downright hilarious in Girls Trip, finding a new level of vulgarity and lewdness, but doing it in a charming manner.

And it helps that there are a lot of laughs to be had in the movie.  There are many scenes that are really funny, and are carried off by these ladies.  Not everything worked, mind you, but it succeeded more than it failed.

Now, as a personal preference, there are a lot of drug/drunken jokes here, and I am not a fan of that kind of humor.  I have never been a huge fan of the “wild party” comedies that you see on a semi-regular basis.  Because of the solid cast, this one gets some help.

The movie is definitely predictable in story beats.  You should be able to predict what happens right up to the last moment, if you have seen any number of films like this.  Girls Trip does not find a whole lot of new ground to cover.

And the film is too long.  Girls Trip is over two hours and that was too much time to fill.  Many of the problems that the ladies had could have been solved considerably earlier and thus shaved off 20-30 minutes of the film.

So I am torn on Girls Trip.  I enjoyed a lot of the film, but I don’t think the movie itself was a great film.  There was funny moments, especially the crass ones, but there were also moments that fell flat.  Haddish was exceptional, getting most of the best lines, but all three of the other ladies were great too.  In the end, my initial thought leaving the film was that this would be just under a fresh film for me, so I will stick with that.  If you like a bawdy, crass comedy like the Hangover or like Bad Moms, you’ll find things to like here.

2.9 stars

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