The TV Week That Was-but late


spoilersHey!  Yes I know it is Wednesday, but I had a conference in Minnesota (tried talking like Fargo for as long as I could, yah) and I did not have a chance to write this up.  I have also not seen any TV since Saturday night so I am behind on Preacher, Twin Peaks, etc.  So this will be strictly about LAST week.


I came across a new History Channel docu-series called American Ripper.  In the series, a relative of the infamous American serial killer, H.H. Holmes, carries out an investigation trying to prove that Holmes was also the British murderer Jack the Ripper.  The series is anything but scientific, but I am a sucker for anything about the Ripper and I intend on seeing where this goes.  The fact is that there are so many different theories on whom Jack truly was, that no one will ever be completely convinced… even with indisputable evidence… if such a thing will ever be possible.  Personally, I have always subscribed to the theory that Jack was in fact James Maybrick, and that he wrote a diary.  That diary was very compelling a read when I was younger.

imageLast week’s Battle of the Network Stars had some interesting moments– especially when dealing with Josh Henderson from Dallas, who had to be taken away in an ambulance after the running relay.  It was Team Prime a Time Soaps vs. Team ABC stars and Henderson was the anchor, but he was just able to hold off the challenge of Roseanne’s Michael Fishman.  After the race, Henderson went down and was having trouble catching his breath.  He wound up going to get an IV.  However, he was able to return later an win the relay race in the show’s biggest “thrill of victory” moment so far.  However, ABC Stars wound up winning the tug of war and upset the younger and favored Soap stars.

imageLast week was San Diego Comic Con and they dropped a lot of news about upcoming television shows.  At the Marvel TV panel, they not only dropped a new Defenders trailer, but they showed lucky attendees of their panel the first episode.  They also showed footage from the upcoming Punisher show on Netflix.  There was a new Inhumans trailer, a trailer for Gifted, and confirmation of a season two for Iron Fist.  As well as the Marvel news, we got a brand new trailer for season two of Stranger Things which looked to focus a great deal on Will and his odd connection to the Upside-Down.  The eighth season of the Walking Dead gave us a trailer that ended with a sleeping, older, grey-bearded Rick with a cane beside his bed.  Mysterious!

imageTwin Peaks episode ten continued its slow progress toward a plot that you may understand.  Dougie (Agent Cooper) went to the doctor, who commented on how much weight Dougie had lost.  Janey noticed it too and got herself turned on.  This led to a night of sex with the couple.  How will that affect the still confused Agent Cooper?  We saw the Log Lady return once again, this time with a cryptic message…. “Laura Palmer is the one.”

imageThe Gong Show brought out David Arquette as a surprise performer, though he would not be judged.  This also prevented the former WCW World Champion from being ganged.  The Gong a Show has become a personal favorite of mine and I look forward to the weekly proper sing-a-long, Shaving Cream.  I doubted this, thinking the repetitive nature of the song would get dull, but I sing along ever week.

I will catch up this week and be back on the regular Sunday schedule.  Happy viewing!


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