The Incredible Jessica James

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There are several NetFlix films now available that I am going to get to tonight or this weekend.  The first one was a film that was recommended by the Schmoes Know Show this past Wednesday in their Indie segment.  It is a film that debuted at Sundance starring former Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams.

Williams plays Jessica James, a struggling playwright in New York City who has just had a break up with the man of her dreams.  In order to try to get on with her life, her friend Tasha (Noël Wells) sets her up with a divorcee, Boone (Chris O’Dowd) and the pair strike up a friendship, bonding over the losses they suffered in love and the connection of truth-telling.

This was a great film.  It was a romantic comedy that was smart, funny and full of heart.  Jessica Williams is the biggest reason behind this because she is just unbelievably charming here.  She absolutely lights up the screen, and she shows off a great range of ability as well. She not only handles the humor as you would expect, but there are some strong scenes with her mother and sister that inform on the character of Jessica James and the feeling of isolation and loneliness that she felt.

There is fantastic chemistry between Williams and Chris O’Dowd as well.  The dialogue between the two of them is just brilliantly written, sharp and witty.  They make you fall in love with them as a couple immediately and in a manner that you really believe.  Jim Strouse was the writer/director of The Incredible Jessica James and he does a wonderful job providing this pairing with amazing words.

The film starts with a really fun dance segment which brings the viewers into the mind of Jessica James immediately.  This intro does as much in the few minutes to let you know who Jessica James is as many movies do in hours of screen time.

The story itself is pretty simple and there is not much by way of plot.  Still, the film does a really good job of providing us with a look into the life of this charmingly fun woman and the rebound relationship that might just turn out to be more than she expected.

It is a short movie, coming in at only 83 minutes, but it was extremely fun and enjoyable and I am glad that it was on Netflix, giving me a chance to see it.  Jessica Williams is the next Daily Show correspondent to hit it big.  She is a star of the near future.

4.5 stars

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