American Assassin

I found this one boring.

Tragic events led to a horrible loss for Mitch Rapp (Dylan O’ Brien) sending the young man into a quest for revenge.  With plans on finding the terrorists responsible, Mitch catches the eye of the CIA.  The CIA sent the talented man to their special camp for assassins led by top agent Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton), who did not, at first, see what the other agents saw in Mitch. A major international danger sent the two into a mission whether they were ready or not.

I truly found myself bored by this movie.  There were so many typical plot steps here that I could almost call out what was the next thing to happen.  The idea of the old agent training the young up and coming agent is over used and here, it continues just as you would expect.

Now, I think Dylan O’Brien was quite good as Mitch Rapp.  I actually thought to myself as I was watching this that he would make a great Nightwing in the DCEU.  And Michael Keaton is always good.  There are a few moments here of really over the top scene chewing that is just glorious Michael Keaton.  The problems of this movie are not with their two main stars.

The story was generic.  The set up almost made you think of the Punisher, but at least Frank Castle had a background in the military to fall back on.  Maybe I missed it, but I thought that Mitch Rapp was just a child who had been a troubled youth, whose parents died in a car crash when he was 14.  Where did he get these amazing assassin skills that he developed rather quickly?  Was there a reason he picked them up so well?  Is he a prodigy?

There are some fine action here too.  Sure there are many moments where the credibility is stretched beyond the limit of belief, but you get that in most action movies.

Taylor Kitsch as the film’s villain, Ghost, a character that had his ties to Stan Hurley, was at best okay.  While I am not a Kitsch hater, this role is not a memorable one.  This could have been any number of actors taking the Ghost character.  The relationship between former mentor Keaton and Kitsch was just lackluster.

American Assassin was definitely a dull and cliched film that wasted a couple of strong performances from its lead actors in a story right out of the typical spy action movie.  Nothing special here.

2.4 stars

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