The TV Week That Was


Good day.  It is time for the TV Week That Was once again.  We are racing toward the start of the Fall TV season.  Entertainment Weekly came out with its Fall Preview issue this past week, highlighting some of the shows that are returning as well as the new ones to look forward to.

Image result for colbert emmysTonight is the Emmy Awards on CBS.  Stephen Colbert from the Late Show is the host this year, and that should be fun to see.  There are some very difficult categories to pick this year, but I will be cheering for Feud in the Mini-Series categories.  Will Julia Louis-Dreyfus win once again for Veep or will the Academy find another female comedic performance worthy?  Will Alec Baldwin earn an Emmy for his Donald Trump imitation from SNL?  How will newcomer series such as Atlanta, The Handmaid’s Tale, This is It, Westworld, The Crown do against some of the old Academy favorites such as Modern Family, House of Cards or Veep?  How much will Colbert roast Donald Trump?  Many questions to answer tonight.

Image result for unabomber discoveryManhunt: Unabomber ended its run by doing something that you would never think it was possible to do… it humanized and made me feel sorry for Ted Kaczynski.  Part of that was the situation he found himself in and part of that was a tremendous performance from Paul Bettany.  It was important that, near the end of the show, the Unabomber’s victims reminded us of the horrors that he had unleashed upon them, or else there might have been an outrage with the way he was seemingly railroaded into a confession.  The show was a great hit for Discovery and I hope we get more Manhunt shows with other real life cases.

Image result for schmoedown championship murrell harloffThe Schmoedown team tournament has a final match, scheduled for this upcoming week.  It is Team Action, who knocked off the number one seed in Top 10, vs. Above the Line, who defeated the Wolves of Steel.  Team Action vs. Above the Line will vie for the tourney championship and for the title match with the Patriots in December this coming week.  But the biggest news coming from the world of movie trivia is they have a new Movie Trivia Schmoedown Champion.  “The Commish” Kristian Harloff defeated “Dangerous” Dan Murrell in a low scoring but very competitive championship match.  Murrell, who comes over from Screen Junkies, announced his retirement from the Schmoedown after the match completed.

Image result for the orvilleLast Sunday night, I watched the pilot for the new Seth MacFarlane series on FOX, The Orville.  The Orville is a Star Trek spoof and debuted on Sunday before eventually heading to anchor FOX Thursday nights.  I must say that I was surprised that I did not hate this.  The pilot has created a great deal of divisiveness in the online community, but I found the show smarter than I thought it would be.  I went in expecting humor like was found (and I use the word humor loosely here) in A Million Ways to Die in the West.  I am also not a fan of much of the Family Guy type humor so I anticipated not liking this.  However, though some of that humor was in effect, it was more subtle than I thought and felt more of an homage to Star Trek than a spoof.  It was enough for me to look into the second episode and see if it continues to interest me.

American Horror Story: Cult had its second episode and it seems to be finding its footing pretty well.  The use of the killer clowns is extremely topical these days as It is completely crushing at the box office.  Plus, with the inclusion of the political world we face these days, the feeling of horror is truly in place.  The show has yet two more great performances from Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, long term cast members from the anthology series.

Things are slowly heating up as the temperatures down down outside.  Fall season is right around the corner.  Happy viewing!


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