The Hero

The Hero Movie Poster

Here is another indie gem from iTunes.

I have to say, I like iTunes and other type of streaming services that have allowed me the chance to see movies like this one that do not find their way to the theaters near me, and I can enjoy them in the comforts of my own home.  Not that I would want to forego the movie going experience, but this gives me a chance to see a great performance by a great actor instead of missing it.

Sam Elliott gives a great performance in the role of Lee Hayden, an aging actor who once was a Western star, but who now is just hoping for one last role.  Problem is that the diagnosis has come back.  Cancer.  So now, can the one time Western hero with the great voice straighten his life out?

He also has started a quirky relationship with stand up comedienne Charlotte (Laura Prepon), a woman over thirty years younger.  I really liked the relationship between Lee and Charlotte because it was such an original concept and it felt very real.  Laura Prepon from Orange is the New Black is really good playing opposite Elliott and they make me believe that this May-December relationship was totally realistic.

Sam Elliott is just fantastic here.  The story itself might feel a little thin, but the fact is that Elliott can make even thin scripts better.

The film leaves us off where we begin, uncertain of what resolution the story will have.  This feels like a solid indie and it is an easy watch.

Krysten Ritter has a role in The Hero as well, appearing as Lee’s daughter Lucy.  The star of Jessica Jones does not have a lot to do here, but she is always a welcome sight to me.  Nick Offerman plays the drug dealer, a former co-star with Lee, and they spend most of their time together now a days smoking weed.  Offerman is very good here too.

The film was entertaining and well worth the rental.  If you are a Sam Elliott fan, you should certainly check this one out.

3.7 stars

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