The TV Week That Was


Welcome back to The TV Week That Was.

Image result for dodgers win NLCSAs a life-long Dodger fan, I was watching a bunch of baseball this past week as the Los Angeles Dodgers finished off the Chicago Cubs, 4 games to 1, in this year’s National League Championship Series to make their way to the World Series for the first time since 1988.  Justin Turner and Chris Taylor were co-MVPs for the NLCS.  Game five went to LA easily, with an 11-1 victory at Wrigley Field.  The Dodgers will now face the Houston Astros who survived the New York Yankees in the ALCS. This is the first appearance for Houston in the Fall Classic.

Image result for the good doctorUnfortunately, one series has found its way into my stop watching category.  That show is the Good Doctor on ABC.  Although I very much like Freddie Highmore, the show just was not doing it for me.  Not only is it shown on Monday nights, which is already pretty tough to fit with WWE RAW, but it suffered from the hospital show problem.  I have never been a fan of hospital shows because, as a bit of a hypochondriac, these types of shows bother me.  I can remember being upset back as a child when watching Quincy, M.D.  Sorry, Freddie… you’ll always be Norman Bates to me.

Image result for gotham solomon grundyFOX’s Gotham had a intriguing episode on Thursday which included Bruce Wayne killing Ra’s Al Ghoul and the first appearance of Butch as Solomon Grundy.  We have been waiting for Grundy to make his presence felt and the show has teamed him up with the like damaged Riddler.  However, my favorite moment from Gotham this week was the moment when Penguin remembered his dearly departed mother over a bowl of goulash.  Robin Lord Taylor brought the goods in that small moment on a show of over-the-top scenes and characters that really showed that he understands the character of Oswald Cobblepot better than anyone.

Image result for dirk gently season 2 episode 2Dirk Gently, Todd and Farah have come back together on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and reminded us immediately why these three were so entertaining last year.  Episode two of the BBC America series showed the best of the series with snappy dialogue and ridiculously funny characters.

Image result for scandal season 7 episode 3Scandal this week was all about what has been happening with former President Fitzgerald Grant.  We see how he struggles with his new reduced role and being bored with the daily grind of life in Vermont.  Even though I am not a fan of Fitz, it was good to see him show up.  Interestingly enough, Papa Pope showed up in Vermont begging Fitz to do something to save Olivia from herself.  Fitz did not believe Olivia had taken over the role of Command.  This is what led Fitz to head to Washington DC and show up outside Olivia’s door, and, as we saw last week, he saw Olivia smacking all over the reporter.

Image result for riverdale episode 3 season 2Murder continues on Riverdale as Archie seems clear that the attempted murder of his father and the actual murder of Ms. Grundy are linked.  Most of the rest of the city thinks that he is nuts, but Archie is absolutely correct.  Also, Pop’s Diner has been saved.  In danger of being shut down, the kids are lead to believe that their charity event helped save the diner when it was actually Veronica’s father, Hiram Lodge, whom secretly purchased the diner, allowing Pop to continue to run it.  He lied to Veronica about it, bringing his motives into questions once again.

ABC’s 10 Days in the Valley revealed the kidnapper last Sunday.  Casey, Jane’s assistant, was shown to be involved in the kidnapping to some extent.  At what point this happened or reason this happened is still up in the air.  I also believe that there may be more to this story than what we have learned.  Certainly, Detective Bird, not Mr. Eko, has really started to get to work on the case by discovering many of the problems that Jane has been hiding from the police.  I am waiting for the next twist in this show.

Image result for inhumans episode 5Each week it seems that I have to say that The Inhumans continues to be terrible.  This week is no exception.  There are only three more episodes of this show remaining and there is not enough time to get this working.  I am afraid the only characters that I am enjoying on the show are the former LOST stars.   Desmond and Miles are here playing roles and I love them.  Of course, Miles has an advantages because he is playing Karnak, a character that I already have knowledge about, but Desmond is a new character– and a secret doctor as well.  The Inhuman Royal Family is finding their way back to each other and hopefully will lead them back to the moon.

Image result for stranger things 2I finished Netflix’s Mindhunter this week after starting it last week.  I really enjoyed the show, based on the life of John Douglas.  Next week, Netflix will be bringing it once again as the second season of Stranger Things drops on Friday and the world will be binging it as soon as possible.



Walking Dead Season 7 starts later tonight!  I’ll have details on that next week.  Also tonight on PPV, AJ Styles vs. Finn Balor at WWE TLC.  Kurt Angle also returns to the ring.  Happy viewing.

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