A Bad Moms Christmas

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I had gone to Bad Moms last year and found it to be a surprise. It was way funnier than I ever thought it would be and it was an enjoyable comedy.

Then, the very next year, they turn around and make the sequel, basing it at Christmas time.

This one… not near as good.  In fact, I found this one tedious and annoying.

The three “Bad Moms” return for this film, but this time, each of their own moms come to visit for the holidays.  Amy (Mila Kunis) and her mother Ruth (Christine Baranski) have a complicated relationship where Ruth s always trying to push Amy for more, and Amy feels under appreciated.  Kiki (Kristen Bell) and her mother Sandy (Cheryl Hines) are suffering from Sandy being too close to her daughter.  Finally Carla (Kathryn Hahn) and her mother Isis (Susan Sarandon) rarely see one another,only when Isis needs money for her gambling problem.

I bet you can figure out what happens in this movie.  Just like a television sitcom, the groups go through over-the-top moments that are meant to be funny and by the end of the movie, they all learn lessons and become better people.

So, since the story is so familiar, if not downright repetitive, this movie depends on the comedic aspects of the film to carry it through.  Unfortunately, with a few exceptions, none of the gags of the movie hit and it is distinctly unfunny.  Sure there are a few moments (mostly involving Kathryn Hahn) that are funny, but they are few and far between those moments that we have seen in any number of comedies like this.

Sure the cast is likable, but there is just nothing original here at all and the story is lazy.  The ending sequence simple put feels like the wash and rinse writing that we have seen a million times.  Christine Baranski, while a great actress, is basically playing a version of the character she plays on the Big Bang Theory.

It really feels as if the quick turnaround from original hit movie to sequel hurt this film. It feels rushed and the humor suffers from it.  Where as the original film had a distinct flare to it, this one lacks anything that will stand out, with an exception of Kathryn Hahn and one of the Santa strippers.  Many times comedies have a difficult with sequels and, to me, this one is no exception.

2.1 stars


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