Marvel Comics of the Year

Okay, so I know that there are plenty of other great comics from other great comic book companies.  The thing is… I collect exclusively Marvel Comics (I did purchase the Batman Dark Knight III, but that is basically it).

My list of best comics will be all Marvel.  You can happily make your own list.

Top Ten Marvel Comics of 2017

#10.  Spider-man.  That is Miles Morales.  I have enjoyed the feel of Miles Morales consistently.

Image result for Spider-man Vol 2 #12 comic


#9.  Daredevil.  The beginning of the year saw the awesome debut of my favorite new villain, Muse.  Daredevil had a great year, including a trip to the Supreme Court.

Image result for daredevil Vol 5 #12


#8.  Iron Fist.  The Iron Fist TV series was not up to par with the rest of the NetFlix shows, but the new Iron Fist comic series was great, with Danny Rand having to go through a tournament of the great Kung Fu masters to get his chi back.

Image result for Iron Fist Vol 5 #5

#7.  Infamous Iron Man.  Who would have thought that having Victor Von Doom repent his evil ways and take up the armored mantel of Tony Stark would be a good idea.  I guess it always is good when you have great writing.

File:Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 3.jpg


#6.  Secret Empire.  It started off strong, though very hated. Turning Captain America to Hydra was a mistake.  But if you would get past the character assassination, the story itself was pretty good and led the death of Black Widow.

Related image


#5.  Amazing Spider-man.  Dan Slott brought Peter Parker to the forefront of the world stage as the new Tony Stark, and then tore it all away from him.  All the while keeping the core of the character in tact.

Image result for amazing spider-man fall of peter parker


#4.  The Unworthy Thor.  A five issue series that was just tremendous.  Why did Thor lose his hammer?  We find out what happened to him right after the loss of the hammer and then we found out why.  It was very strong series.

Image result for unworthy thor


#3. Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man.  This series returned as a way to tell more lower level Spidey stories.  However, the issue where Peter Parker reveals his identity to J. Jonah Jameson was tremendous and redefined the series and the characters.  What a great moment.

Image result for peter parker spectacular spider-man #6


#2.  Champions.  The team of Ms. Marvel, the new Hulk, Miles Morales, Nova, Cyclops, Viv Vision are always fun and they do feel like a different type of super hero team.  Plus, one of my tweets appeared in Champions #7.  Whoo-hoo

Image result for champions #7


#1.  Hulk.  This is the new She-Hulk comic where they dropped the “She” before it.  Since the Legacy issues have renumbered back to the original run so it is labeled She-Hulk again.  The first five or six issues of Hulk were awesome.  It focused on Jen Walters and her new anger troubles. It also turned her grey.  It was an awesome take on the character.

Hulk (2016-) #5



Man-Thing.  The five issue series with Man-Thing written by Goosebumps author R.L. Stein should have been fantastic, but it was such a thud that I was so disappointed with it.  The way he wrote the character was so uninspired that I could not believe it.  A master of horror who failed with the Man-Thing.

Image result for man thing RL Stine


To Watch:  Runaways.  Marvel has gotten the band back together. And with the new series, Runaways could be a great series.  It has gotten off to a great start.

Image result for runaways #1 2017


Other honorable mentions:  Weapon X, Scarlet Spider, The Totally Awesome Hulk, The Mighty Thor, Nick Fury, Moon Knight, The Invincible Iron Man


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