Paddington 2

The original Paddington was such a wondrous surprise despite the trailers looking like trash that I could hardly believe that they could do it again.  The few trailers I had seen for Paddington 2 reminded me very much of the trailers for the original that I disliked.  I was afraid that Paddington 2 was going to be like those direct-to-DVD sequels that fail to catch the charm of the original.

However, those fears were unwarranted, because Paddington 2 was awesome.

Paddington (Ben Whishaw) wanted to get a gift for his Aunt Lucy (Imelda Staunton) for her birthday and he came across a pop-up book of London that would be perfect.  However, Paddington is not the only one who wants it.  The villainous actor Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant) stole the book and framed Paddington for the crime, sending the bear to prison.

There is so much great about Paddington 2.  The charm of the character, the cast, the story is just wonderful.  It is funny.  It is charming.  It has a great feel throughout the film.  The story is well worked out and runs with very few hiccups.

The characters we meet in the prison, including Knuckles (Brendan Gleeson) which is a fantastic character who has an amazing relationship with Paddington.  Some of the sequences in the prison are so fun that you can’t help but smile as they happen.

There are so many great performances by so many awesome British actors in a remarkable ensemble cast in Paddington 2.  Everybody knows their role and they blend together into a wonderful story.

And, while not as emotional of a film as Coco or some other films like that, Paddington 2 did have me welling up near the end.  It was such a entertaining movie that is perfect for a whole family to watch.  It has something for parents as well as speaking to kids like they are intelligent.

I doubted that they could create another film as surprisingly awesome as the first Paddington, but they proved me wrong.  Paddington 2 is a whole lot of fun and worth the time.  By the way, stick through the credits because there are some cool extras there.

4.4 stars

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