EYG Top 10 Female Sci-Fi Characters


I am excited about this week’s Top 10 list.  I really enjoy the lists when John Rocha and Matt Knost do something a little different and do characters instead of just movies.  The Top 10 Monsters is the list that inspired me to start doing my own lists along with them.  So this week, in honor of this weekend’s release of Annihilation, the boys made their lists of the Top 10 Female Sci-Fi characters.  And joining them was the wonderful “Classy” Clarke Wolfe.  Clarke was a wonde3rful addition this week and I loved listening to her perspectives on the topic.

Clarke gave a definition of science fiction on the show which said, “fiction based on imagined future scientific or technological advances and major social or environmental changes frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets, but that is not a requirement.” Clark said that this definition was on dictionary.com, but I could not find it.

Because of that definition, I have eliminated some of the potential choices.  There will be no Star Wars on my list.  There will be no super heroes on my list (and I include Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor:Ragnarok as super hero movies). There is no Lord of the Rings/Hobbit on this list.

So here is the list…

Image result for dr zira#10. Dr. Zira (Planet of the Apes).  Dr. Zira was the ape who showed us that these ‘damn dirty apes” actually had humanity in them.  Dr. Zira took to the side of Taylor as something more than just a savage.  She communicated with him.  She helped him.  She and her fiance/husband Cornelius, aided in Taylor’s escape and ability to escape and discover the truth about the world.  And she shared a kiss with the human.  Dr. Zira and Cornelius also come back from the Planet of the Apes and ends up in a tragic death.  That tragic death was one of my favorite endings as I did not expect the creators of the movie to kill her off.


Image result for mason snowpiercer#9.  Minister Mason (Snowpiercer).  Snowpiercer is one of those movies that gets lost sometimes, but it is tremendous. And one of the best parts of that movie was the villainous Minister Mason, portrayed by Tilda Swinton.  Mason was the voice of Wilford, the creator of the train that they were all on, She was such a hoity-toity character and she lorded her very life over the tail section people.  She represented the upper class in the world and she is simply a slimeball and Tilda Swinton embraces that slime so well.


Image result for river tam serenity#8.  River Tam (Serenity).  Coming from the Firefly television series, River Tam is one kick ass female.  Played by Summer Glau, River Tam was the main hero of the film Serenity.  River had been tortured for a couple of years by The Academy as they tried to tap into her potential power, and that power is on display in Serenity as she kicked the Reavers around.



Image result for rita vrataski edge of tomorrow#7.  Rita Yrataski (Edge of Tomorrow).  Played by Emily Blunt, Rita was the heroic soldier in the United Defense force which opposes the invasion of the aliens in the Mimic War.  Rita was approached by Tom Cruise with some specific details that was surprising.  He was reliving the same time frame every time he died.  The info he could garner from this power (which is a skill that the aliens had) gave them a chance.  Tom Cruise, however, is anything but a warrior.  That was where Rita would come in.  Nicknamed “The Angel of Verdun,” for her bravery, Rita Yrataski created hope.


Related image#6.  Dr. Ellie Sattler (Jurassic Park).  Laura Dern is awesome, and she created a great character in the first Jurassic Park.  She was a paleobotanist that came along to Jurassic Park to get a chance to see some long extinct plant life (and some dinosaurs too).  Ellie helps save the grandchildren of Hammond, the man who invited her to the island with Alan Grant.  Alan and Ellie were, at one point, a couple, but children seemed to be a hurdle between them.  After the events of Jurassic Park, things looked to be better.


Image result for katniss#5.  Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games series).  Katniss is one of the great heroines from the future world of the Hunger Games.  Katniss initially became involved when she volunteered as a tribute to save her sister from having to go.  Then, along with Peeta, Katniss won the challenge of the Hunger Games, becoming the Girl on Fire.  Jennifer Lawrence really hit her first stride in The Hunger Games.  Yes, the remaining Hunger Games films never really hit the heights of the first one, but Katniss was always beautifully done.


Image result for trinity matrix#4.  Trinity (The Matrix).  Carrie Ann Moss was the one who believed beyond everyone else that Neo was the chosen one.  She knew it and she could not be convinced otherwise.  And it turned out to be Trinity’s belief that actually made Neo the hero.  The Matrix was a mind-blowing film that no one saw coming.  Trinity and Neo make an awesome pair and she is a true star of the film.  She and Keanu have great chemistry and they make the film transcendent.


Image result for ripley#3.  Ripley  (Alien). Ripley is one of the great characters in science fiction.  Sigourney Weaver is the queen and Ellen Ripley is one of the first female lead characters.  The first film, Ripley has to use her brains and her survival skills to avoid being killed by the Xenomorphs.  And as a cat person, I appreciate how she had to save the cat.


Image result for sarah connors#2.  Sarah Connors (Terminator and Terminator 2).  She had an affair with a man from the future and gave birth to a boy who is foretold to save the universe from the rise of the machines.  Because of this prophecy, Sarah Connors trained herself and John, her son, to be a warrior and prepared for the return of the Terminator.  Sarah was borderline crazed, spending many years in an asylum, but she was always ready to protect John above anything else.  Linda Hamilton was the first and best version of Sarah Connors.


Image result for leeloo#1. Leeloo (The Fifth Element).  Okay, I was always a Bruce Willis fan, so I came to this movie because of him, and I left in completely in love with Leeloo.  To this day, I say “Leeloo Dallas, multipass” and “Chicken…good.”  Leeloo has one  of the most amazing costume designs and is one of the most intriguing character.  Leeloo, the Fifth Element- the Ultimate Being, is like a super hero and I have always loved a kick ass woman with a cool accent.  Leeloo is really funny, playing off Bruce Willis’s Korben Dallas extremely well.  I have never been a fan of any other film starring Milla Jovovich, but The Fifth Element is just a tremendous and unexpected treat.


Honorary Mentions:  Louise Banks (Arrival), Ava (Ex Machina), Borg Queen (Star Trek: First Contact), Uhuhu (Star Trek), Furiosa (Mad Max: Fury Road), Gertie (E.T. the Extra Terrestrial),

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