Se7en (1995)

When I first saw Seven, I saw it in the local theater and I remember not liking it much.  Everybody else seemed to have a differing opinion on it, going as far as to call it one of David Fincher’s greatest films.  So I decided to re-watch it.

It is better than I thought the first time back in 1995,

I would not put it as Fincher’s greatest film.  For me, that is probably Zodiac.  I enjoyed Gone Girl quite a bit too.  But Se7en would ow make the list where as before I would have omitted it.

Morgan Freeman is great as soon to be retiring Detective William Somerset.  Somerset was a man who had seen more than what he could handle over his years on the force and it had transformed him into a cynical, hopeless man.  Meanwhile, Detective David Mills still has the pretense that they can do something to help. So when they wind up investigating a series of brutal torture/murders based around the seven deadly sins, Mills and Somerset seemed to be opposites of the same coin.

They were in search of the mysterious killer who seemed to be one step ahead of them the entire time.  Kevin Spacey, currently a pariah in Hollywood, played this murderer with a creepiness and quiet evil that really makes him stand out despite only being on screen a short time.

Of course, the moment that stands out the most for this movie is the ending sequence.  While it creates a serious tension filled tone and an uncertainty of what was going to happen, if you think about it, it really does not make much sense in the story or to the character of John Doe.  It absolutely places an almost inhuman ability to plan out a murder.  The other murders were long term plans, even taking up to a year to do.  Suddenly, though, final two murders are last minute, spur of the moment murders that he could not have known about ahead of time. For someone as methodical as John Doe was in planning, switching to something so last minute is not going to happen.

So yes the moment was dramatic, but it actually does more disservice to the story for me than it does anything else.

I did like this considerably more the second time, but I still don’t see it as a masterpiece.



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