The Strangers: Prey at Night

Okay.  I did not hate this film. I’ve seen some really bad reviews for it and it did not strike me as that horrid.  However, it is not a good movie.

This is a sequel to a film that I did not see, but this sequel is one in which barely touches on what had come before.  In fact, the only connection between The Strangers: Prey at Night and the original Strangers film is that there are three killers with masks who are killing people for apparently no reason.

So in this film, we have a family of four on their way to drop off Kinsey (Bailee Madison) at a boarding school.  I guess she is a troublemaker, but we really don’t see much of that.  They get a late start because Kinsey was causing trouble and Luke (Lewis Pullman), the oldest looking 17-year old ever, was playing baseball.

I guess the morale of this story is never be late.

They arrived at an apparently deserted mobile home where they are quickly stalked and attacked by these three mask wearing psychos.  Mom (Christina Hendricks) and Dad (Martin Henderson) are quick kills, leaving the young girl and her unbelievably older “teenage” brother to try and avoid being stabbed to death.

One of the biggest problem with this was I am sitting in the theater and I am constantly thinking about what I would do in this situation.  Then, I watch these stupid people do the exact opposite of what I would do.  You have got killers with  knives, an axe and a truck.  Why don’t these victims just find as many knives in the kitchens of these mobile homes and go after the killers.  You need to go on offense.

Then, there was a gun.  There is a car.  These things were consistently being lost by these stupid characters.

The characters of the family were so weak that I had no qualms about them dying.  The mother died so quickly that her death held little impact.

And… it was clear that none of these people ever watched Zombieland, because they did not follow the double tap rule.

Jeremy Jahns said in his review that he pictured the guys from Cabin in the Woods sending that gas up to make these people do stupid things, and that was a perfect way to look at it.  I did not hate this as much as Jeremy did, but most of my enjoyment was trying to think about what these stupid people should have done.

2.1 stars

One thought on “The Strangers: Prey at Night

  1. This movie was straight up trash… It made no sense and had no relations to the first movie. The plot in every scene was so predictable it look like a 2018 Friday the 13th. I would not recommend this trash as movie.


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