Breaking In

Happy Mother’s Day.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we have a film about a mother protecting her children from a home invasion.

You can take your mom to this movie for Mother’s Day… or you can take her to a better one.

Gabrielle Union played Shaun, a mother of two and her estranged father has just recently passed away which led her to taking her kids to his home, where she grew up, to prepare to sell it.  However, four men are there as well, searching for something that her father had hidden away inside this house that is like a fortress.  Shaun winds up locked out of the house while her children were trapped inside with the robbers.  And so she had to try to break in.

There were some interesting potential ideas here, but none of them were expanded upon and, in its place, was simply a paint-by-the-number thriller with nothing that much thrilling going on.

The film hinted at Shaun’s father being involved in some kind of criminal enterprise, but we have no idea what that might be or if that is the reason why Shaun and her father were estranged.  The film hinted at Shaun having a bad childhood in the house, but does not go into more detail on it.  The film keeps saying that these crooks broke into the wrong house, but it wants you to think about Shaun as a typical mother despite consistently calling her an “exceptional woman.”

Any of these bits could have made the film more interesting.  Still, it basically comes down to the typical story.

None of the villains were interesting at all. The leader of the group was Billy Burke, and his character was after this item for reasons.  The rest of the group was as stereotypical as you could get with these type of characters.  None of them are memorable, even in the slightest bit.  That is, of course, because we have no idea what their motivations are, how they were connected to her father etc.

I liked Gabrielle Union here and I appreciated her being front and center as the main protagonist.  She did not need anyone to rescue her and, in fact, when her husband (who appears late in the film without any introduction) arrives, he gets slapped down quickly.  Heck, even the children get more to do that this guy.

Breaking In feels like it had a premise that could have been solid, but it squandered it completely.  Gabrielle Union is fine here, but the villains are forgetful and the stakes are low.  The film sets up lots of potentially intriguing bits that never pay off.  It is basically a cable TV movie at best.

Happy Mother’s Day

2.4 stars

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