EYG Top 10 Superheroes on Film


Now that’s more like it.

Last week’s Top 10 Show was remarkably entertaining as it featured the Schmoedown Team Champions, The Patriots- JTE and Jeff Sneider and there has been no shortage of controversy between that team and Team Top 10 at the Schmoedown.  This was a great podcast that I enjoyed listening to tremendously.  The problem… the topic was not one of my favorites.  College Comedies.

This was one of my least favorite genre that they have had and I was having trouble coming up with a list of ten films.  I have had that trouble before, but always struggled through it.  Last week, however, I had been writing the Days of Future Schmoedown fan fiction and I had limited time to work on the Top 10 list.  Combined with the fact that I had little time and it was a category that I struggled with, I chose not to write up a list for that week.  This was the first time I did not do a list for quite a while.  (BTW, had I done the list, I do believe that Animal House was going to be my number one).

So this week came along and Mark Reilly came to join the guys on the show, and, in honor of the release of Deadpool 2 this weekend, the category was Top 10 Superheroes on Film.  This one was a category that I knew something about.

I was very excited to do my list and I was even more excited to hear the end of the episode, as the original post at YouTube was missing the final 30 minutes.

That worked out and so let’s start with the Top 10 Superheroes on Film.

#10.  Dr. Strange.  This was the toughest of the spots because it basically came down to two choices for me.  It was either going to be Dr. Strange or Wonder Woman.  First, I am much more of a Marvel guy than DC, but Wonder Woman was a historic film.  I thought the two main films were basically a wash so I went to the peripherals.  Wonder Woman was in Batman v Superman where she basically had a decent action bit in a horrid CGI fest and she was in Justice League where she really kind of fell to the background.  Dr. Strange had a funny cameo in Thor: Ragnarok and he was one of the MVPs of Avengers: Infinity War.  Dr. Strange kicked so much butt in Infinity War and that really swayed the spot to the Master of Mystic Arts.  Benedict Cumberbatch is perfectly cast and has done an amazing job as Sr, Stephen Strange.  He has a lot of upside as a character.


#9.  Black Panther.  One of the biggest comic book movies of all time, Black Panther had a great deal of characters that the world related to.  Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa was certainly one of them.  Appearing for the first time in Captain America: Civil War, much of the initial set up of the character was done by the Russo Brothers. However, Ryan Coogler made T’Challa a household name with his solo movie.  It is awesome to see young children of color with someone whom they can look up to in the MCU and seeing how much of an impact culturally the character was able to make was astounding.


#8.  Rocket & Groot.  I packaged these two together because Mark Reilly did the same thing.  I originally was only going to have Rocket here, but once Mark did it, I figured I could do it as well.  They are a phenomenally entertaining duos from a franchise that had no business being as fantastic as it was.  I mean, Rocket is a talking raccoon and Groot is a tree.  Yet, they are the heart of the Guardians of the Galaxy.  They also had one of the best sequences with Thor in Infinity War.  Bradley Cooper is unrecognizable as the voice of Rocket and Vin Diesel gives amazing emphasis to the three words that Groot ever says.  They are a true dynamic duo.


#7.  Batman.  Speaking of Dynamic Duos, one half of the most famous Dynamic Duo is in at number sever.  Again, I am much more of a Marvel guy, but Batman is that DC character that I always love…as long as you forget about the travesty that was George Clooney.  The World’s Greatest Detective has seen many film versions and most of them have been reasonably engaging.  Christian Bale starred in the best Batman film ever in The Dark Knight.   Going from Adam West to Ben Affleck, Batman has been one of the most popular superheroes of all time.


#6.  Logan.  This is Wolverine, but he makes it this high mainly on the strength of the brilliant Logan film from last year.  Hugh Jackman did great as Wolverine for years despite being in some really bad films (X-3: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine).  However, everything came together as an older Logan struggled to try and get himself and Charles Xavier away from a world that hated them, while still protecting Laura, a young girl with a surprising connection to Logan.  If this truly is the final appearance of Hugh Jackman as Logan, the film certainly provides a perfect adieu.


#5.  Thor.  This is a character who is considerably higher than he would have been a year ago.  Thanks to the remarkably funny and entertaining Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, and a consistently improving performance from Chris Hemsworth, Thor has really started to make his way.  Thor was another one of the MVPs of Infinity War as he had one of the greatest arcs of the film.  Hemsworth is perfect as Thor and his comedic timing is awesome.  It is as if Marvel has been searching for the proper way to present the God of Thunder and they happened to stumble on it now.  I sure hope Hemsworth’s days as Thor are not limited to Avengers 4 because I think they just started to hit his stride.


#4.  Hulk.  Here is a character that was never going to work.  Ang Lee’s Hulk was terrible and made things tough.  Then, The Incredible Hulk was solid, but not overly memorable.  Then, Mark Ruffalo took over the role as Dr. Bruce Banner and Hulk became one of the standouts in the Avengers movies.  Marvel Studios found out how to use the Green Goliath.  He has appeared in all the Avengers movies and in Thor: Ragnarok.  Being able to use Hulk as a co-star in an ensemble has hide the flaws of the character and has made him so much stronger.  He is another character whose story in Avengers: Infinity War was engaging, making me wonder exactly what is going to happen next.  Hulk is power and I love him.


#3. Iron Man.  Since this is superheroes on Film, Iron Man belongs on this list.  Iron Man would not be on my personal favorite comic book characters list (though I like him), there is no doubt that Robert Downey Jr. has dominated this role from the beginning of the MCU.  Tony Stark is funny, quippy, and a one-man-quote-calendar.  And the 19 film MCU owes a huge debt to Robert Downey Jr. If that first Iron Man had failed, would we been seeing Infinity War this year.   I highly doubt it.  Stark has also found his way into Captain America Civil War and Spider-man: Homecoming, as well as the 3 Avengers movies and his own trilogy.  Marvel knows a good thing when they see one.


#2.  Captain America.  There was no way that the guy who played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies was going to work as Steve Rogers.  I mean, Chris Evans was definitely the best parts of those FF movies, but he was terribly miscast as Captain America.  That is what we all thought.  Then we saw the film and now I can’t imagine anyone else taking up the mantle of the Star Spangled Avenger.  He has starred in arguably two of the best MCU films ever (Winter Soldier and Civil War) along with the Avengers movies.  He has made several awesome cameos (Thor: Dark World as Loki playing as Cap and in Spider-Man: Homecoming).  Somewhere along the line, Cap went from being a boring goody-two-shoes to becoming the heart of the MCU.


#1. Spider-Man.  Never a doubt.  Spider-Man is my all time favorite fictional character in any format.  Sure there are a couple of duds in his movie list, but neither of those are the fault of Spider-Man.   Spider-Man 3 was because of the villains being crammed in and a silly song and dance which is directly the fault of the Venom symbiote.  In Amazing Spider-man 2, they again tried to crush too much into the film and the Electro character was terrible.  However, the Gwen Stacy death scene was well done and Andre Garfield was never the problem (though he was too old).  Now, with Tom Holland in the role, they have finally struck total gold.  He is the perfect casting for Peter Parker.  He took a character that many people were complaining about not wanting to see anymore and made him into someone who the public could not wait for.  His scenes in Infinity War are crushing and perfectly played.  I love Spider-man and he is and will always be,  my number one superhero.

There were lots of honorable mentions too.

Honorable MentionWonder Woman, Deadpool, Ant Man, Vision, Professor X, Black Widow, Drax, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Blade, Superman

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