Inception (2010)

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My opinions on the next film in the Memorial Day Binge Watch will not be very popular.

I am not a fan of Inception.

In fact, I have found more films in the oeuvre of Christopher Nolan that I am not a fan of than those that I am.

I know this puts me in the minority of the movie critics world, but that is okay.  I can handle it.

Clearly, the film is a masterwork of CGI and visual effects.  I would be foolish to attempt to downgrade this accomplishment.  Visuals are stunning. I also believe that there should be credit given for the attempt to bring something original and for his intense ambition for the project.  I really wanted to like Inception.

Back when I saw it in the theater, I found it to be okay, but it just did not connect with me.

There is a ton of exposition involved in the film.  There is little way to get around that, but it does not excuse it.  There is a great cast, but I am not as enamored with Leonardo DiCaprio as some people are.

The dreamscape invented within this movie can be difficult to follow and it can cause the audience to be uncertain of exactly what is going on, leaving only the spectacle of the imagery.  That might be enough for some, but I wanted more.

Even the twist at the end could not save this one for me.  While I did not hate Inception, I would not revisit it again or commit the necessary cognitive attention necessary to perceive what was going on.


Image result for inception movie poster

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