Action Point

Action Point Movie Poster

Okay, I was never a huge fan of Jackass, but that show is considerably more preferable than this mess.

The stunts carried out by the Jackass crew have basically been replaced with some people falling down.  Then, some other people fall down.  And then someone gets hit in the nuts…and fall down.

Get it?

Add to that the fact that they tried to add in a story and wanted the Jackass crew to be actors.  Who thought that would go over well?

Johnny Knoxville played D.C., whom we first meet as an older grandfather babysitting his granddaughter and telling her stories about his time running an amusement park called Action Point.  At Action Point, there were no rules and the park allowed the constantly drunk patrons to do whatever they wanted, putting themselves and others into danger.

Fun, huh?

Then, D.C.’s daughter came to stay with him for the summer and they have problems. There are some problems that are talked about by the daughter involving her mother’s boyfriend wanting to become her guardian, but that was all we got out of that storyline…talk.  We never met the mother or the boyfriend and we barely get any development on that story.

We actually have more development on the desire to go to a Clash concert.

The acting is atrocious.  The dialogue is ridiculous.  and all of that could be excused if the film was funny, but… people fall down.  Ha Ha Ha?

Plus, our heroes are shown stealing lumber from another amusement park, drinking and doing drugs, getting cocaine in the cotton candy and it is all meant to be laughed off.  None of it was funny.  It was actually sad that anyone believed that it was funny.

There was a beer drinking bear, though.  Why?  Not sure.

This was a terrible movie and a new contender for worst film of 2018.  It’s still early folks, but I’m willing to bet that Action Point will find a place of (dis)honor on the list of worst of the year.

0.63 stars

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