Ocean’s 8

Ocean's 8 Movie Poster

The latest of the Ocean’s franchise came out this weekend, with a new cast featuring all females.  Thankfully, this film does not cause the stir that Ghostbusters did a few years ago and that is probably thanks to the strength of the cast.

While, unfortunately, Ocean’s 8 is not a full out smash, it has definite moments that are fun and entertaining.

Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), Danny Ocean’s sister, has spent the last five years in prison, planning on the perfect heist and every detail that needed to be determined.  Once out, she goes about recruiting a team of females to pull off this heist of a $150 million dollar diamond necklace.

The cast is a strong point of the film.  Cate Blanchett played Debbie’s friend Lou and Cate is her normal great self.  Helena Bonham Carter is solid playing the oddball fashion dresser Rose Weil.  Rhianna was good (certainly better than Battleship) as Nine Ball, the computer hacker.

Still, the actress who stole every scene she was in was easily Anne Hathaway playing actress Daphne Kluger.  Hathaway was always engaging and brought a great energy to this character.  I thought she was absolutely the best part of the film.

Now, I did find much of the movie dull, especially the first half.  The second half of the film did pick up and begin to feel more interesting to me, but that first half was so boring that I was actively thinking about other things.

The heist itself had its moments, but I have always found fault with the Ocean’s franchise because these heists require so much suspension of disbelief that it stretches credibility.  Here, there were a couple of “wrinkles” thrown into the crime, but they seemed to be handled so expertly that they just did not provide any sort of stakes or dangers for the characters.  I never once doubted that they would succeed in the heist.

Ocean’s 8 is breezy, light-weight and slim in story and characterization among many of the female characters.  Outside of Bullock, Hathaway and Blanchett, these characters are fairly one note.  They do their part of the heist and not much more.

This is another example of a film that is basically so so, despite a tremendous cast.  I did like the familial bond between Debbie and her “dead” brother Danny, and I would have enjoyed more of that.  There are major plot holes that are filled too easily, keeping from there being any real tension in plot.  Ocean’s 8 is a film that is showing you a heist and how they pull it off.  If that is enough for you, there is some goodness in here.  If you want more from you movies, this one might be lacking.


2.9 stars

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