Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger

I got a chance to watch the first two episodes of Freeform’s new Marvel Comics sho9w based on the heroes known as Cloak and Dagger today on Hulu, having missed the debut Thursday night.  I thought it was pretty decent.

Image result for freeform cloak and dagger kids on beachThe first two episodes certainly took its time bringing the pair together.  In fact, there was only a couple of scenes of Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen on screen together.  That is, unless you count them as kids.

The television series took many liberties with the origin of cloak & Dagger.  In the comics, Cloak & Dagger are mutants whose powers were triggered by being experimented on by Roxxon.  Roxxon is here as well and does feature in the pair’s origin but it is considerably different.  And that is okay.

As with all comic properties, some adjustments must be made. The TV origin with the two kids in the water as the Roxxon base blows up, sending some kind of ray through the water, works for this version of Cloak & Dagger.  And it was very cinematic as young Tyrone was in the darkness of the water and young Tandy was in the light of the car.  It represented what would happen to them later in their lives.

Image result for freeform cloak and dagger kids on beachBoth Tyrone and Tandy have had difficult lives, each facing demons…some stemming from the accident while others coming from their own lives.  I like how Tyrone’s family is the well-to-do ones, with his mother being very successful whereas Tandy’s family is a hot mess, coming from the accident that claimed the life of her father.

As with most of the Marvel series, they take their time to introduce characters fully and this is very effective here as well.  Before we know the powers of Cloak and Dagger, we need to know and care about Tyrone & Tandy.

Cloak & Dagger has piqued my interest and I look forward to watching the rest of this series on Thursday nights on Freeform.

Image result for freeform cloak and dagger logo

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