LOST Season One Review

Season one of LOST is in the books on my great re-watch.  It makes me remember how much I loved this show by watching these wonderful episodes filled with some of the greatest characters in TV history.  Let’s look at the first season.

Best Episode:  “Pilot”.  The first two episodes together make one of the greatest pilot episodes ever.  The first fifteen minutes should hook you, and if it doesn’t, I don’t know what you want.  Runner-Up“Walkabout”

Best Flashback“Walkabout” Admittedly, some of the flashbacks are not as strong as others, but the John Locke flashbacks are consistently excellent.  And nothing was better than the “Don’t tell me what i can’t do” reveal with the wheelchair.  Runner-Up:  “Numbers”

Best Performance: Terry O’Quinn “Deus Ex Machina”.  Very little can compare to the moment when John Locke realized that his father had conned him out of his kidney and then had nothing more to do with him.  O’Quinn was one of the best actors on the Island. Runner-Up:  Josh Holloway, “Outlaws”

Biggest Jerk:  Jin.  This was a tough category because there were a lot of people who could have been considered.  However, Jin was such a jerk for most of the year that he takes this.  Runner-Up:  Sawyer

Best DeathBoone, “Do No Harm“.  It has to be this one.  The Boone death brought tears to my eyes during the re-watch and that was an amazing emotional moment.  It was also a main actor who was killed, which was not common at the time.  Runner-Up:  Leslie Arzt.

Biggest SurpriseLocke is paraplegic.  “Walkabout”.  Tell the truth, you had no idea this was what was going to happen.  The shock still works today as John Locke has the use of his legs back on the Island.  Runner-Up:  Leslie Arzt blows up.

Funniest MomentArzt blows Up.  Exodus, Part 1.  Yeah, this is a death, but, man, I laughed so hard at this.  It is also a perfect example of irony.  Runner-Up:  Golf

Best MomentThe Others kidnap Walt, “Exodus Part 2“.  The whole season was building toward this moment, where the Others came for the boy, leaving his father Michael yelling Walt in the water.  Runner-Up:  Boone dies/Aaron is born.

Most Character DevelopmentSun.  At first, she was a put on wife. As the year moved along, she became her own woman, a strong survivor and someone who could help anyone.  Runner-Up:  John Locke

Most tense momentCharlie is hanged in the tree.  Oh boy, I thought Charlie was gone.  Thanks to Jack and his need to save everyone, Charlie makes it through season one.  Runner-Up:  Sayid tortures Sawyer.


Season Two and the Tail section survivors are next!

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