LOST S2 E2 “Adrift”

In episode two, “Adrift”, we learn what happened to Sawyer, Michael and Jin after the Others arrived and took Walt, destroying the raft in the process.

We also saw the events that led up to the ending where last episode “man of Science, Man of Faith” ended, with Desmond holding a gun on Locke as Jack recognizes him.

The story of Locke and Kate in the Hatch is told in a different POV and reveals new information about the Swan.  It is a very interesting story telling technique that allows the creators of LOST to tell the story in other ways than a simple narrative way.  I do remember being a little unsettled when the whole Hatch story ended in episode two exactly where it ended in episode one.  It was something that LOST would do on many different occasions.

On the pieces of the raft that remain, Sawyer and Michael struggle to survive while attempting to find someone to blame.  Sadly, they started by blaming each other. Michael blamed Sawyer for making him fire the flare gun and Sawyer blamed Michael because he knew this was the Others and he correctly inferred that the “child” that they were after was Walt.

The scene where Sawyer pulled the bullet from his shoulder with his bare hands was one of the most bad ass things in the history of LOST as was Sawyer’s snide remark about wanting a band-aid.

Bullet wounds and a falling apart raft was not the only trouble Sawyer and Michael faced.  There was a shark swimming around them, probably attracted by the blood from Sawyer’s bullet wound.  As you can see, the shark actually has a Dharma mark on its tail.  We see this Dharma symbol several times this episode, including in the Hatch, and on the products that Kate found in the storage room.

John manipulated Desmond to tie up Kate instead of him, and then he slipped Kate a knife.  John must have believed that she would have a better chance of escaping than he did.  Meanwhile, John tried to talk to Desmond, giving him answers to his questions and trying to keep him calm.

Then we hear the sound of beeping that takes over the Swan and Desmond forces John to type in the numbers, 4 8 15 16 23 42, into an old fashioned computer.  Once that happens, a timer on the wall resets to 108.00.

When Jack arrived, Desmond hears him, and sets up the stand-off that we see at the end of episode number one.

As this is going on, Sawyer and Michael have drifted back to the Island, and, a they come up on shore, they find, miracle beyond miracle, Jin running to meet them.  The problem?  Jin’s arms are tied and he is yelling about “Others”.  A group of mysterious people are following Jin.

We know they are not Others, as Jin mistakes them for, but that they are Tailees, survivors from the tail section of Oceanic 815.

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