LOST S2 E13 “The Long Con”

Image result for the long con lost

Dark Charlie returns with vengeance in his eyes.

And everyone gets played by Sawyer.

“The Long Con” is a Sawyer-centric episode that sees James Ford, aka Sawyer, get his teeth back after becoming a little soft over the last season or so.

Triggered by people taking his stuff, Sawyer sets up a long con to get his hands on the guns.  Sawyer plants seeds in Kate’s head about Ana Lucia after Sun gets grabbed at her garden.  The Others?  Maybe not as Sawyer points out that it makes more sense for it to be Ana Lucia. An expert at sowing the seeds of mistrust, Sawyer spreads things around, playing against Jack and Locke, getting Charlie to do his dirty work and sticking it to everybody.

Charlie was easy for Sawyer to manipulate because Charlie, in his full evil hoodie, wants revenge on Locke.  He wants Locke to look like a fool and feel like Charlie has been feeling.  Sawyer takes advantage of Dark Charlie without breaking a sweat.

“There’s a new sheriff in town,” Sawyer said, referring to his new position of power as the keeper of the guns.

Flashback:  We see Sawyer preparing to pull the con that we have seen him do before with the money falling out of the case.  The woman in bed though, Cassidy, sees through Sawyer’s deception and calls him on it.  Sawyer seems dejected by his failure and admits that she got him.  Cassidy, however, asks if he would teach her how to con people.  Sawyer does so for the next several months until it becomes clear that Sawyer is running a long con on Cassidy.

There is some implying that Sawyer has fallen for Cassidy, but he does his best to avoid getting too close to anybody.  In the end, Sawyer walks out with $600,000 not only on Cassidy, but also the partner who he was working with.

Outside of Sawyer and Evil Charlie, we had some Hurley and Sayid goodness.

Hurley brought Sayid the short ranged radio that Bernard had on the other side of the Island.  Sayid, at first, does not want any part of it, but Hurley just trying to cheer him up.  Sayid goes ahead and tries to use the “glorified walkie talkie” as he put it and is able to pick up radio waves playing the Glenn Miller Orchestra and “Moonlight Serenade.” Hurley is excited, but Sayid said radio waves could be picked up easily and it could be from any place.

And Hurley joked “or any time…. just kidding.”

But Hurley was absolutely right as time becomes a huge theme later on in the series and, according to LOSTpedia.com, “producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse confirmed in the Season 5 recap episode “Lost: A Journey in Time” that the radio broadcast was indeed from the 1940s, a result of time travel.”



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